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Mission & Vision

The mission of Concordia University, St. Paul, a university of The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, is to prepare students for thoughtful and informed living, for dedicated service to God and humanity, for enlightened care of God's creation, all within the context of the Christian Gospel.

This mission is achieved when students pursue programs grounded in the liberal arts and focused on education for vocation in home, workplace, community, and congregation.

Therefore, the college pursues the following purposes:

To relate human learning and experience to the Christian faith as this faith is confessed within its Lutheran heritage
To provide education within the context of a global perspective
To structure personalized and integrated learning experiences in which students share with faculty the responsibility for their own intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth
To offer a variety of experiences in and out of the classroom designed to assist students in acquiring greater self-understanding, in achieving a growing realization of their abilities and interests, and in investigating options for service in home, workplace, community, and congregation

Vision Statement
The vision of Concordia University, St. Paul is to be an exemplary Christian university. Concordia St. Paul, an institution of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, will be an educational community where the Good News of the Christian faith provides the context for intellectual inquiry and committed service to society.

To achieve its vision, Concordia University, St. Paul adopts the following strategic priorities:

To offer programs of high academic quality at an affordable cost. A Concordia St. Paul education will provide outstanding value -- an excellent education, reasonably priced, and readily accessible to qualified students.
To achieve an outstanding, student-centered environment. Concordia St. Paul will foster student academic success and personal potential through a climate of service, support, and intellectual challenge.
To promote a dynamic Christian spiritual life. A Concordia St. Paul education will shape the whole person -- body, mind and spirit. The spiritual dimension will be integrated into every dimension of campus life.
To build a diverse campus community in the spirit of Christian harmony. Concordia St. Paul believes that a quality education is best achieved within a diverse community. Therefore, it seeks greater age, race, and ethnic diversity, and gender equity. Within the context of the Christian Gospel, Concordia will promote an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and equal opportunity for all students, faculty, and staff.
To enhance the curricular programs that address the future needs of students, including programs in the church and teaching professions, historic areas of strength. Concordia St. Paul will continually review and evaluate its programs, strengthening those that most effectively prepare its students for the challenges of church and society.
To develop innovative partnerships with the community. Concordia St. Paul's students, faculty, and staff will contribute actively to the life of the church, local community, and larger society. Participation in the life of the community establishes new contexts for learning and prepares educated people for lifelong participation in solving key social issues.
To increase the enrollment, Concordia St. Paul will benefit more students by increasing the size of both its traditional and nontraditional undergraduate and graduate student bodies. Yet, enrollment will be managed to provide all students effective individual support while promoting financial efficiency.