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Hospitality Management Courses

Innovation: Trends in the Hospitality Industry (4 credits)
This course will view the future of the hospitality industry from a number of different perspectives including the world economy, the age of terrorism and tourism trends with respect to the cruise industry, airlines, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and gaming industry. This course will encourage the student to explore and embellish the future of not only the hospitality industry, but the world economy and appreciate this quick-paced, ever changing stage where each day is an adventure.

Marketing Innovation (4 credits)
The foundation of the marketing program, this course reviews the concepts and applicationoriented framework for marketing decisionmaking in a dynamic environment. Students explore current and emerging trends within a shifting marketplace and economic landscape. The five P's of marketing - place, price, product, promotion and people - are the center of this module. The course emphasizes environmental scanning, target customers and achieving organizational objectives through the intentional and skillful blending of marketing strategies. Students will create their own marketing plans within this module.

Integrated Marketing Communications (4 credits)
This course will focus on developing marketing strategy and executing diverse communication tactics that are critical for business success. The student develops specific targeted communications and campaigns to meet their strategic communication objectives and target markets while integrating elements to gain an appreciation for the promotion mix (personal selling, direct mail, advertising, public relations, electronic and personal selling, etc.) tactics. Students will create their own promotional plans as avenues for transmitting marketing messages effectively and present those to the cohort based on their overall value related to usefulness, cost/ benefit analysis and social value.

Interactive and Mobile Marketing (4 credits)
This course will explore the explosion of Internet marketing options to engage consumers. It is designed as an introduction to the rapidly evolving world of interactive marketing, focusing on the tools of Internet marketing. Students will explore integrating electronic methods into the marketing function. The course includes discussion of the importance of website return on investment and brand building, community development and digital marketing models. Social media strategy and mobile marketing are also built into the course. By analyzing a company's marketing situation the student will complete an Internet marketing plan that aligns to the business objectives.

Business Ethics (4 credits)
This course is designed to investigate the broad spectrum of personal, business and society ethical issues that managers/leaders encounter. As corporate America struggles to find its social and ethical identity in a business environment that grows increasingly complex, managers are confronted with exceedingly difficult challenges. These challenges include balancing their economic, legal, ethical and social responsibilities to the variety of stakeholder groups in which they interact. This course provides the structure for students to explore their personal ethics and develop the framework for addressing tough ethical decisions in business and in marketing. Students will apply ethical frameworks to business problems.

Hospitality Human Resources: Managing Human Performance (4 credits)
fundamental and most valuable asset in any organization ? its human resources, and it will review the salient issues and key elements critical in building a strong and successful organization. It will review the application of human resource management practices as they apply to the hospitality and tourism industry. This course will encourage students to realize the significance of human resource management and its successful application and practice in the hospitality and tourism field.

Hospitality Law & Legal Issues (4 credits)
The student will be introduced to hospitality law, utilizing proven tools and standard operating procedures for satisfying company objectives. This course is designed to give the student a working understanding of federal and state laws pertaining to hospitality industry-related entities and business operations.

Applied Accounting and Finance (4 credits)
In this course financial information is made easier to comprehend. It provides the foundation for basic principles and concepts that will make non-finance managers better equipped for service to the organization. Students will address financial assessment, budgeting and spending, global and ethical implications of financial decision-making, and financial prioritization for the present and the future. This course will provide the framework for the financials of market planning strategy including sales, new product development, return on investment, price and profit while offering the student an understanding of corporate reports and internal control.

Hospitality Industry Leadership Strategies (4 credits)
This course will explore leadership and management in the Hospitality Industry; utilizing proven tools and exercises for creating future leaders in the hospitality industry and emphasizing the important role that management skills play in organizations. Leadership, people management, interpersonal skills and the attention to quality and critical factors ensure future success. Mastering these skills permits career growth as there is no substitute for ethical leadership and management grounded in sound principles and practices

Hospitality Industry Business Plan (4 credits)
Students will create their own business plan for the hospitality industry-related organization of their choice. The goal of this course is to enable the student to become proficient in developing his or her own hospitality industry business plans.