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Human Resource Management Courses

HRM 311 Managing in Organizations (4 credits)
Students will learn the underlying trends and topics of leadership and management. The class will explore the importance of effective management practice. Topics such as selfdirected work teams, motivation, systems theory, quality and leadership will be studied. Students will investigate their own strengths and areas of personal development in order to understand how best to develop their own leadership capabilities.

HRM 320 Advanced Human Resource Management (4 credits)
The role of the human resource management function in organizations will be studied. The changing nature of work and demographic shifts and diversity will be of particular focus. Students will study all of the roles that the human resource professional plays.

HRM 325 Survey and Research Methods (4 credits)
Basic survey and research methodologies are explored in the context of human resource management. Analysis of professional research articles is studied with an emphasis on reading and understanding research. Students will learn the use of technology as a tool for Human Resources professionals.

HRM 350 Legal Issues in Human Resources (4 credits)
Every human resource professional needs to understand employment law. The historical roots of labor/management will be examined and the application of the law to the present day workplace including wrongful discharge, harassment, interviewing, selection, compensation, and benefits will be discussed and studied. Techniques such as negotiation and mediation will be practiced.

HRM 352 Staffing the Organization (4 credits)
How do we find and keep good employees? Every organization in America is grappling with this issue. This course will focus on the many aspects of Talent Management. Students will study recruitment, forecasting, selection, orientation, and retention.

HRM 353 Compensation/Benefits Systems and Theories (4 credits)
How will employees be compensated for their efforts? Salary administration, variable pay, performance management, position evaluation, HRIS, and reward systems, in terms of monetary and non-monetary pay, will be investigated and evaluated. Employee benefits will also be examined.

HRM 410 Organizational Development and Change (4 credits)
This course introduces students to concepts in organizational development. Students will study change theories and how to make organizations more effective while navigating change, how to perform and assess organizational needs, and how to look at various options in training and developing employees.

HRM 470 Strategic Human Resources (4 credits)
This course will examine human resources professionals as strategic partners with their organizational counterparts. Various cases and readings will be used to illuminate the pivotal role HR can play in influencing the direction of organizations.

HRM 435 Business and Personal Ethics (4 credits)
This course will look at processes and strategies for dealing with ethical dilemmas and situations. Students will work on case studies and look at their own roots in developing their ethical positions. Students will wrap up this course with their own statement of ethical beliefs.

HRM 440 Human Resources Plan (4 credits)
Students will complete their human resource synthesis project they began months earlier and will present it to their cohort.