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M.A. in Leadership and Management Course Descriptions

MLM 500 Leadership, Management and Change (4 credits)
This course provides an overview of leadership, management, influence, social power dynamics and change theories and practices emphasizing application to the challenges and opportunities facing for-pro¸fit corporations, nonpro¸fits, and government agencies. Introduces the philosophies and methodological approaches underlying the Master of Arts in Leadership and Management program, as well as the writing and online research skills students will use in this program.

MLM 510 Applied Moral and Ethical Leadership (4 credits)
This course connects morality, ethics and values with leadership and influence. Students explore and respond to challenging organizational dilemmas while balancing personal integrity and organization goals from the perspective of Christianity and vocational ethics, incorporating these elements into the the personal and professional decision-making process.

MLM 520 Strategic Organizational Research (4 credits)
This course provides students with the ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize complex credible information about a topic of interest using quantitative and qualitative action research methodologies. Students will choose a topic that relates to leadership, management, and/ or social power dynamics and properly leverage their influence as they complete an action research project using a strategy to improve an organizational situation. While the emphasis of this course is on applied methods of research, an overview of the theory and some of the political and ethical implications of research will also be covered.

MLM 525 Financial Management for Leaders (4 credits)
This course explores the practical aspects of the strategic and operational roles of ¸financial management, accounting, analysis, and an introduction to finance-based decision-making related to working capital and long-term ¸financing and investment. Students will learn the impact of a leader and/or manager's influence on budgeting, financial performance and ¸fiscal and ethical responsibility.

MLM 540 Project Management and Quality Management (4 credits)
This course covers the practical aspects of completing tasks while working with, leading and influencing teams in a project environment for high quality results. Students will learn how to e‘ffectively manage projects using software tools that focus on the various related leadership issues, such as monitoring needs compared with current action, team dynamics, planning, execution, problem-solving, closure, and assessment. Discussion may include appropriate quality measures including Reengineering, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, O“ffice Kaizen, and Process Improvement.

MLM 545 Legal Issues for Today's Leaders (4 credits)
This course explores how the legal environment can influence a leader's decisions, guiding their actions and helping them avoid legal pitfalls in today's complex organizations. This understanding will help leaders identify greater opportunities to influence change and innovation. Students will also learn to understand and influence the spirit behind various policies, regulations, laws and guidelines that take leadership beyond simple compliance with governmental regulations.

MLM 552 Organizational Culture Management (4 credits)
This course explores how leaders manage the soft, relationship skills of organizational life to leverage their experience and practical research as they successfully influence innovative, disciplined and well-led organizations. Topics explore strategies to:

  1. assess an organization's culture and climate
  2. develop a continuous ow talent management mindset incorporating training and development methods throughout the organization
  3. motivate and positively influence team member effectiveness and obtain applicable concepts and tools for acquiring, developing, improving, influencing, and (re)allocating talent
  4. explore the concepts and theories related to change management and improvement
  5. develop skills to influence, plan, and implement changes for improving organizational life in both corporate and nonprofit settings.

MLM 555 Leadership and Management Research, Synthesis and Reflection (4 credits)
This course o‘ffers students the opportunity to leverage their learning from the entire program. They will reflect their learning related to leadership, management, and social influence on topics relevant to their professional organizational setting. Students will also complete significant fi nal steps in their research and present a formal report on their action research project.

MLM 589 Contextual Global Experience*
*May be substituted for MLM 550
This international travel experience includes preparatory readings, comparative analysis and reflection on a distinct leadership, management, or social influence topic that bridges learning to application in the organizational setting.