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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA students develop the knowledge, practical experience and confidence to succeed in whatever organizational setting they choose. Students use cross-curriculum learning activities spanning the length of the program to become experts in an industry of their choice. Courses explore current business trends and events and evaluate how they are shaped and affected by various business principles.

  • Earn your MBA in less than 23 months
  • Because our MBA program is for experienced practitioners, the GMAT is not required
  • Online or face-to-face - cohorts meet once a week, one class at a time
  • Register just once and you're automatically enrolled for the entire program
  • Flexible - cohorts start throughout the year
Interested in International Business?

Graduate students are invited to travel internationally!

Twice per year graduate students are invited to participate in an academic business trip overseas. Trips are frequently to Shanghai, China. Led by a business professor, students are scheduled to meet with a variety of businesses in the overseas destination city. A cultural tour is also arranged. Free time allows students to independently explore business and personal interests. The trip is completely voluntary and is assessed extra travel and accommodations fees.

For MBA students, this trip is associated with the following course:
MBA 616 International Topics in Organizational Management - 2 credits
This course will provide an overview of contemporary topics related to organization effectiveness as viewed from an international perspective. Students taking this course will participate in one of the international trips for graduate students sponsored by the College of Business and Organizational Leadership and led by one of the faculty. Based on information gathered from international corporate visits, students will be required to synthesize observation, theory, and research as they investigate a variety of organizational topics: talent management, organization learning, and strategy formation and implementation in an international business setting. Students will gain perspectives in identifying and investigating various aspects contributing to global competitive advantage.

There are three options associated with this MBA 616 course. All options allow MBA 616 International Topics in Organizational Management to appear on the final academic transcript.

  1. Take MBA 616 International Topics in Organizational Management. This can substitute for MBA 515 Topics in Organizational Management and meet the requirements for graduation.
  2. Take MBA 616 for credit and audit MBA 615.
  3. Take MBA 615 for credit and audit MBA 616.

Information on the trip details, the course options, and the cost are sent to students several months in advance of each trip.