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Director of Christian Education

Are you interested in making a real difference in the lives of others?  Do you imagine yourself leading a youth retreat, organizing church education programs, equipping others to lead congregational or camp programs or serving others as they grow in the Christian faith and service?  If so, the Director of Christian Education (DCE) program is right for you.  A DCE is certified to serve as a Called and Commissioned educational leader prepared for team ministry in a congregational or other ministry setting.  Our DCE program is taught from a team ministry approach in which students study collaboratively with those in other church professional programs.

The DCE course of study offers a state-of-the-art understanding of Christian education and faith formation.  The flexible curriculum allows you to design a program that fits your specific interests.  Through DCE training, students receive a rigorous educational experience and gain the leadership ability to lead or work within a team.  Students experience a wide range of opportunities within a vibrant urban setting that encourage the development of deeper critical thinking, servant leadership and ministry skills.  Congregations gain leaders with the skills, knowledge and motivation to help meet their evolving education and ministry needs.

The five-year DCE program offers a rich mixture of classroom and ministry-based experiences.  The first two years typically focus on general education requirements and the foundational Bible and theology courses.  The third year of the program includes volunteer service in a local congregation and the core DCE courses.  A distinctive advantage of the program is its fourth year internship, during which students are placed nationally and internationally in a variety of ministry settings, providing students the opportunity to put theory into practice.  The final year of the program focuses on internship reflection and core curriculum completion.

The DCE program offers both an undergraduate residential program as well as a colloquy program.  All interested students should click here for much more information about this program and its options.

Concordia Director of Christian Education graduates serve in a variety of ministry settings throughout the Lutheran church.  As a Word and Service ministry, DCEs fulfill a number of different faith formation roles within congregations and other ministry settings such as: youth ministry, family life education, and children's ministry.