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Students in the Mathematics major and minor get a balanced mix of classical and modern mathematics and acquire a strong foundation in conventional math theory and problem-solving techniques. They learn to use technology such as computer algebra systems, geometry modeling software, spreadsheets and computer programming to aid in modeling and investigating problems. Students also learn to communicate their mathematical ideas clearly and professionally in written and oral formats.

The Mathematics department has a challenging curriculum with an abundance of support to encourage students to grow as mathematicians and leaders. Students have many opportunities to hone their leadership skills by working as graders and tutors in the department or through involvement with the Tri Pi Math Club that hosts Game Night and Math Day, a competition for local high schools.

Students who find fulfillment in this area of study typically enjoy analytical thinking and want to continue to increase their critical thinking, problem-solving and quantitative reasoning skills. Students often major or minor in mathematics to supplement a wide variety of other majors and minors that can benefit from the analytical reasoning skills developed in this course of study.