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The mission of the Dance Minor is to achieve a level of excellence in career and life preparation not only for professional performers, teachers, and athletes, but also for anyone who simply wishes to celebrate the joy of human movement. This discipline is based on the premise of dance as an art form that integrates the body, the mind, and ultimately the spirit through the rigors of both theory and practice.

The Dance Minor began in the Department of Theatre as a response to the growing popularity of a single course, Dance for Musical Theatre, which is still offered. The minor is, of course, the perfect complement for theatre students who wish to become performers and possibly directors of theatre. Since then, however, a variety of other courses has been added which may also serve those who may choose to enter any number of other vocations or who may wish to take an occasional course as a general elective.

Twenty four credits are required. The curriculum includes courses in practice and technique in the major modes such as modern dance, jazz, tap, and ballet. It also offers courses in history, appreciation, and choreography or composition. Concordia provides a small school approach to teaching, recognizing that every student is different and may be pursuing dance for different purposes. To this end, a number of individual projects may be completed with the consent of the faculty.  Additional courses will also be offered as general electives for those who wish to earn more credit than the required twenty four.

At the conclusion of each semester, all dance courses which involve practice, technique, and composition will culminate in a special performance for the public which is designed to showcase students' work.

The Dance Minor embraces a special teaching philosophy which is that some of the best instructors come from the professional arena, that they have a number of professional contacts as well as a good grasp of how to compete successfully with other programs and performers. This is the type of teaching which is driven by a certain passion which is meant to inspire as well as to educate and to prepare students to be successful in their own careers.