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Outreach Minor

If you have a passion for sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus with the whole world, the Outreach program will teach you how to lead and serve others in that ministry.  Mission begins in the heart of a loving God.  The Father sent His Son to bring lost people back home to the Father's heart.  By the work of the Holy Spirit, our God has called, equipped and empowered His church to carry out that mission to "make disciples of all nations".  To pursue the accomplishment of this mission requires leaders of faith, courage and action.

Concordia, in partnership with the Oswald Hoffmann School of Christian Outreach, is a leader in mission/outreach training.  Our urban campus setting is essential to this unique offering.  Partnerships with local congregations, national mission organizations, and the new U4C School of Urban Studies in Minneapolis provide a living laboratory in the midst of one of the most diverse populations in the United States.

The outreach minor prepares individuals for outreach positions in congregations and mission organizations throughout the world.  Excellent practical experience is grounded firmly on God's Word as participants explore topics surrounding cross-cultural issues, organizational outreach strategies and structures, skills in personal witness, teaching and ministry development.  Through interaction with fellow students as well as hands-on experience in diverse settings, students translate theory into practical experience that can be used to lead congregations and organizations in carrying out the mission of God in our world. 

Graduates from Concordia have served on virtually every LCMS foreign mission field and in many creative and productive outreach ministries.