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Pre-Pastoral Studies

This course of study prepares students for further study at a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or another seminary. Experienced faculty educate students in Biblical and Christian ministry studies, Greek and Hebrew, and Christian doctrine, while students develop an academic foundation in the liberal arts.

Students will receive a foretaste of ministry that is decidedly urban, distinctly multicultural and global, increasingly technological, meaningfully connected, deliberately and courageously confessional, and remarkably flexible.

Concordia has a distinct Christian culture that blends Lutheran tradition with authenticity and relevance for the cultures around it in worship, Bible study groups, campus ministry, and in Concordia's unique social life.

Concordia's professional ministry community allows students to build lifelong friendships and respectful professional relationships with others who seek full-time careers as professional ministers of the Gospel. Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in many areas around the campus, including Campus Ministry and Adelphos en Christo (AEX), the pre-seminary student fellowship.

The Concordia community also nurtures critical thinking, courageous leadership, accurate self-reflection, careful and thoughtful cultural analysis, and engaging practical responses to the emerging needs of a world that needs to know of Jesus, the only Savior. Students have time to grow and explore possibilities for their future through conversations with peers, field experience and participation in area churches and ministries, and the mentoring from faculty and staff, especially while sitting in Dr. Carter's legendary big, old, brown, stuffed chair where significant life questions are addressed and examined.