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Business Attire

Today's business student needs to understand the importance of dressing well.  Recent research has shown that those individuals with whom you interview will form an impression of you in the first 12 seconds they meet you!  This means you must look good. On the linked pages you will find examples of professional business dress for both men and women.   The pictures on these pages represent our expectation of the types of clothing you should be wearing when you go to an interview or when we ask you to dress professionally for a presentation in our classes.

Tips for Men

Tips for Women

Tips for Everyone:

  • Always iron your clothes
  • Do not wear baggy clothes
  • Do not wear tight clothes
  • Never wear sandals to an interview or professional presentation
  • Wear tailored shirts and pants
  • Sweaters are too casual for a professional presentatiom
  • Tuck your shirt in!
  • Overdress versus underdress.  You can always take a coat off once you get to the interview, but if you don't have it to begin with, you will be out of luck
  • Check buttons to make sure they are sewed on securely
  • Jean material is too casual for a professional presentation