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Department of Child and Family Education in the College of Education

Welcome to the Department of the Child and Family Education and the College of Education.  As learners in the department you bring a wealth of information and practical experience in the fields of Family Life Education to your cohort. 

Our current learners work in such roles as teachers of young children, social service professionals, directors and center owners, trainers and curriculum specialists, Head Start teachers and assistants, staff development leaders, community college instructors, parent educators, youth group directors, military family support specialists, pre-marital educators, and many other roles that serve families and children. Read More...

Michael Michael Walcheski, Ph.D.LMFT,CFLE
Trish Trish Anderson, M.A., LMFT, CFLE
Jackie Jackie Mosqueda-Jones, M.A. CFLE
Dave Dave Brueshoff, M.Div. MS.  Ed.D. (cd.) CFLE
Carole Carole Gesme, MA, CFLE

Michael Jerpbak, Ph.D., CFLE


Nancy Gonzalez, M. Ed., CFLE