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About Concordia Television Productions

Concordia Television Productions has several roles at Concordia University, St. Paul.


As an educational arm of the Department of Communication, CTP provides students opportunities to gain basic and advanced knowledge of video production. Academic courses provide opportunities for learning the basics of shooting and editing video. These courses cover camera basics, lighting, audio, and other introductory concepts. Upper-level courses cover DVD authoring advanced editing concepts, and more.

Studio courses provide students opportunities to produce shows of personal interest. These courses promote team-building and leadership skills as the class collaborates to produce their show on a finite schedule. Students have internshiped with TPT public television, SPNN public access, local news organizations, and independent production companies.

Sports Production

In addition to our television studio, CTP also owns a television production truck that is used for a variety of campus shoots. Much of our live remotes involve the webcasting our our Division II athletics. Sports production crew members begin by taking courses designed to orient them to the equipment and principles of sports production. Many students move on in to paid positions after taking those courses. Often times students continue on with internships at Fox Sports North or venue video crews like the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Our production truck supports four cameras, instant replay and graphics, providing almost everything viewers have come to expect in televised sports. The fast paced, always cahnging situations in sports provides students unmatched opportunities to think on their feet, work as a team, and represent the high standards of Concordia University with a professional product.

Community-Access Television

Lastly, CTP oversees a closed-circuit cable channel that feeds programming to the residence halls. This channel provides an outlet for airing student productions, sports programming, and community bulletins to the campus. 

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