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College of Vocation and Ministry

The College of Vocation and Ministry (CVM) is a new and creative innovation within Concordia University to demonstrate an integrated and intentional approach to Concordia's role in Church and community.

CVM is both an academic and a service unit in partnership with the other colleges of Concordia University and is committed to promoting academic excellence and the development of professional and lay leaders.

CVM exists to serve the Concordia community and the Church at large, helping each constituency in the identification and use of gifts for service in home, workplace, community and congregation.

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"The College of Vocation and Ministry is animated by the conviction that all of Concordia's students should confront the gospel of Jesus Christ in its biblical contexts and in ways pertinent to their individual interests or vocational pursuits.  To that end, whether in preparing traditional church work students or engaging the larger university community, the College strives to champion every clause of Concordia's mission statement, which climaxes with the wonderful conclusion, 'all within the context of the Christian gospel.'  For the College of Vocation and Ministry, the university mission statement is an expression of our theological and educational commitment, as well as an invitation to personal and academic opportunity." 

David A. Lumpp
Dean, College of Vocation and Ministry