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What is a Director of Christian Education?

DCEs serve in a variety of ministry settings throughout the Lutheran church. As a Word and Service ministry, DCEs fulfill a number of different faith formation roles within congregations and other ministry settings.

DCEs often:
  • Teach adult and youth Bible studies
  • Mentor youth and children
  • Initiate family educational activities
  • Recruit and equip volunteers
  • Initiate educational programs
  • Build and support team ministry
  • Develop opportunities to link the church with their community

While DCEs fulfill a number of different roles and job descriptions, their Word and Service ministry flows from the early Christian church's leadership structure commonly called the diaconate.

This ministry is marked by:
  • Grounding in the Word of God
  • Training to Carry Out a Particular Service
  • Commitment and Preparation to Equip the Baptized for Ministry in the World and in the Church
  • Giving Particular Attention to Ministries at the Boundaries Between the Church and the world
  • Exemplifying the Life of Christ-like Service Addressing All Forms of Human Need
  • Grounding in Community

Today, within The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS), the Director of Christian Education (DCE) is certified to serve as a Called and Commissioned lifespan educational leader prepared for team ministry in a congregational (or other ministry) setting.