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Program Advantages

The Concordia DCE program is a large commitment for students. Students, in return, gain new insights and skills as they develop more servant leadership and ministry skills. Congregations gain leaders with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to help meet their education and ministry needs.

Dig a little deeper into the program and what do you find?
  • A course of study that offers you a state-of-the-art understanding of Christian education and faith formation
  • A fourth year internship program that allows for the student to return to campus for a fifth year of reflection and learning
  • Close, one-on-one relationships with our top-caliber faculty
  • National and global perspectives with interns placed globally
  • A wired campus that integrates the latest technology into the classroom and beyond
  • Leadership skills and deeper critical thinking abilities
  • Curriculum flexibility that allows you to design a program that fits your needs
  • The ability to work within a team... or lead it
  • Connections to and opportunities within our vibrant urban setting
  • An education experience that's rigorous and yet, tremendously rewarding