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Director of Christian Education Colloquy

Serving and Learning for Ministry Growth
The DCE Colloquy program at Concordia University, St. Paul provides lay leaders with the knowledge and skills to serve within ministry settings as certified Directors of Christian Education.

Who is this for?
Are you a paid lay worker in a congregation? Do you want to grow in your abilities to serve? Do you want to earn certification as a Director of Christian Education within the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod? If your answer is "yes" then this accelerated program may be right for you.

Practical and Convenient
Utilizing a combination of a residency with online education, learners collaborate weekly with their peers through online discussions, email, and internet bulletin boards. The week-long residency allows students to work through course content, develop peer relationships, meet core faculty, and receive online technology training.

Cohort Delivery
What is a cohort? The cohort is a group of people who travel through the program together. The members of the cohort will meet at the beginning of the week-long residency and work through the progression of online courses together.

Materials for Introduction to DCE course

Initial Contact should be made with:
Dr. Stephen C. Stohlmann, Director of Colloquy
651-641-8824 or