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The word colloquy is Latin for "interview" or "dialog together." It is a word used in number of contexts. The Lutheran Church utilizes the colloquy (formal interview or dialog) to certify those who seek to be pastors or Ministers of Religion, Commissioned, in Lutheran congregations, but who have not, for one reason or another, had formal training in a college, university or seminary of the denomination.

Those who utilize the colloquy system demonstrate mastery of required outcomes for those who seek to serve as Ministers of Religion, Commissioned. The Lutheran Church states that the candidate must seek entry into the colloquy program through one of the ten campuses of the Concordia University System or through the colloquy program being offered electronically by CUEnet on behalf of the Concordia University System.

Successful admission through the colloquy process leads the candidate to:

Upon certification, the candidate becomes eligible for a Call and placement into a calling entity of The Lutheran Church.