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Career Possibilities for English Majors

Wondering what you can do with an English major from Concordia?  
Life is a text . . .
Every encounter in our daily lives can be read, interpreted, analyzed, and added to our base of knowledge.  Students who develop these skills through literature, language, and writing will be more adept to apply them to everyday situations. 

The mind is fertile ground . . .
One of the best outcomes of obtaining a degree in English is the large number of transferable skills--those you learn in college and can apply directly to a career--you will have at your disposal.  In addition to strong writing, a threshold skill in almost any profession, English majors develop the ability to:
-- read and think critically
--expand their imaginations
--examine an issue from many different perspectives
--analyze information and draw conclusions from it
--solve problems
--think logically
--communicate clearly
--put themselves in another's shoes (real or fictional) as a means of gaining understanding.
The world is a stage . . .
The emphasis English courses place on clear, concise expression of ideas in written and oral formats provides ideal preparation for entering the professional world. Creating resumes, writing cover letters, and interviewing for jobs: each requires careful thought and clear articulation of ideas. 

Once on the job, students depend upon the skills they learned in English courses to help them communicate ideas to co-workers, provide feedback to supervisees, and document their contributions to their profession in written form.

In fact, in its September 2004 report entitled "Writing . . . A Ticket to Work or a Ticket Out," the National Commission on Writing published the results of its survey of 120 employers in a range of professions.  The most definitive findings were that:
--the #1 hiring criteria for most employers is strong writing skills;
--the #1 cost to businesses is providing writing skills training for employees who do not write well;
--the #1 threshold skill in almost every profession is writing;
--the #1 characteristic shared by employees who were promoted is strong communication skills.
To read the full report, visit the National Commission on Writing September 2004 Report.

For more information about the professional value of an English major from Concordia University-St. Paul, visit Career Services.

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