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What Do Current Students Say?

Student Perspectives on English and Modern Languages Faculty . . .

Concordia's English department has been extremely helpful.  Faculty members have always made time to help me polish a piece of writing, even when the writing wasn't for their classes.  --Jessica Johnson, Education major

Photo: Dr. Beilke helping a student with her paper. 

The professors are great. They don't just do their job but really care about your understanding of writing and reading in English. --KauChee Vang, biology major

Concordia has a great English department. The professors really know what they are teaching.  I think writing for the Sword is great for any English student.   --Jordan Watson, English major 
  Photo:  Jordan copyediting   for the Sword

The professors in the English department pushed me to look outside the classroom to see how I could use my talents; I was encouraged to enter writing contests and to write an article for a local newspaper.  --Megan Rohwer, Education major

Classes in the Dept. of English and Modern Languages . . .

Something I enjoy about English classes is that they are very diverse. . . . The reading and writing focus on subjects that surround society. --KauChee Vang, biology major                                                         
                                           Photo: Students in ENG155 Introduction to Literature class.  Students in class

Writing Skills:  Key to the Professional World . . .
My employer told me that I was hired because of my Concordia degree, experience on the Sword, and English background, because she knew that my writing skills would be sharp and accurate and that I would be a great addition to the workplace. . . . My coworkers and superiors (including two Vice Presidents) at my job often ask me to correct their own writing. Beyond that, the English program created great friendships with professors and students alike; the English program was a home away from home, and I miss it still.
   --Lisa Magnuson, Concordia graduate, English major

Tutoring in the Writing Center helped me to understand writing for a broad range of disciplines, rather than only my areas of interest or experience. It was also great for improving my ability to work with a variety of people.  Enhancing my writing and cooperation skills will be invaluable in any career I pursue in the future.
--Lindsay Hartleben, Concordia graduate, Communication Studies major

English majors do more than just sit around reading old texts.  In order to understand these texts, we also have to have some understanding of other fields, such as mathematics, science, and history. For this reason, I feel that a major in English serves to broaden my knowledge of several fields. Being an English major has given me a grounding in life that will enable me to do well in law school. I feel that having the ability to read and write well is extremely helpful in any career. . . . I can read something and get more out of it than just what it is about, such as being able to say how it exhibits characteristics of the literary movement it falls into or to be able to explicate a poem or a piece of prose; being able to do these things means that we can think critically.  --Alissa Kness, Concordia graduate, English major

The English department at Concordia University, St. Paul has been a blessing to me in many ways. I have had many opportunities on campus to use my skills and practice what I learn in the classroom.  I worked at the Writing Center on campus for two years, and it really allowed me to put abstract ideas about teaching and English to use. I learned how to become a better teacher all while I was learning myself . . . I was also able to be the Managing Editor of the campus newspaper. I feel that Concordia really stressed learning but also using what I have learned. I am looking forward to the many opportunities that I will have when I graduate with an English major. I have learned how to communicate well verbally and in writing, and I have learned how to analyze texts and build new theories and ideas.  --Megan Rohwer, English and Education major
      Photo: Students writing in ENG120 College Writing. Two students writing in class 

Concordia offers several opportunities for growth, ranging from involvement with the campus newspaper to tutoring in the Writing Center.  These experiences are preparing me for teaching, giving me hands-on experiences that I will carry over to my career.  I've really enjoyed my English classes, and I love the feeling of community in our classrooms.   --Abby Fink, Concordia graduate and Education Major

Personal Development . . .
My confidence and writing ability has improved noticeably because of Concordia University's Writing Center staff.  --Steve Jore, Concordia graduate, College of Business and Organizational Leadership

The Writing Center has helped me greatly; my writing skills have improved, and I am very happy the tutors are here to help us. I really appreciate them. 
--Pearlie Phillips, Concordia graduate, Religion major

The Writing Center has been a great help to this student who has been away from college for many years . . . the Writing Center gave me the confidence to submit my papers after their review.   --Laurie Bahr, student, College of Business and Organizational Leadership