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Concordia's Campus Newspaper, The Sword

Students interested in writing for publication, serving as an editor, or working as a team to create a finished project for the entire campus may apply to work for the Sword, Concordia's campus newspaper.

Student gesturing to cameraPicture of Sword front page
Photos (above, left to right):  Students having fun during a Sword staff meeting.  Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Hartleban leading a staff meeting. Front page of the Sword.

Working on the Sword has been such a great experience. I have learned a lot about the production of a newspaper, from writing to editing, paginating to publishing.  Through my experiences, I have decided that journalism is where I belong, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work on the newspaper at Concordia.  -- Eric Cannedy, Concordia graduate, 2004-2005 Editor-in-Chief of the Sword


Photo: (above, left to right) Sword writer discussing her article at a staff meeting.  Faculty advisor to the Sword Professor Matt Mauch listens as students contributes article ideas. 
Matt Mauch

Photo (above):  Matt Mauch, faculty advisor to the Sword.

Photo (below): Sword writers at a staff meeting. Sword writer reviewing articles.
Lindsay working with staff writers  Student reviewing articles