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Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

My experience with the English Department has involved much more than classes. I have had the opportunity to have hands-on learning through the campus newspaper and the Writing Center . . . .These hands-on opportunities outside of class have better equipped me for my future profession.  I get to learn about concepts, write about them, discuss them, then put them to use.  
Megan Corson, Concordia graduate, Education major

Guest Speakers
The Department of English and Modern languages regularly brings guest lecturers to campus for its journalism and literature classes and for the Heginbotham Literary Lecture Series.

This year's Heginbotham lecturer is David Treuer, author of Little, The Hiawatha, and The Translation of Dr. Apelles: A Love Story.

Holst, Treuer, Heginbotham
President Holst, David Treuer, and Ellie Heginbotham at the 2007 Heginbotham "Possibilities" lecture

The Sword, Concordia's Campus Newspaper
               Sword Staff group shot 
Working for the student newspaper at Concordia has given me opportunities that would be impossible to come by at a larger university.
--Ben Fink, Concordia student and reporter for the Sword

Any student interested in writing for publication may apply to become a contributing writer or an editor for Concordia's campus newspaper, the Sword. Working on the Sword provides students with opportunities to have their work published in a public setting and to gain valuable career experience working as part of a team, gathering information, meeting deadlines, and producing a final product.

The Writing Center
Strong writers who have a desire to help their fellow students strengthen their writing skills may apply to work as peer tutors in the Writing Center.  Writing Center tutors enroll in ENG324 Teaching Writing 1:1, a course that provides them with additional training in writing, teaching, and tutoring skills. Upon completing the course, students may be hired as paid Writing Center tutors.

I really enjoy working in the Writing Center because I get to help people communicate with others.Writing is not just about communicating knowledge. I also get to help people express wishes, hopes, dreams; it is a very personal thing. The hopes and dreams of others also inspire me in my life and my writing! 
--Haidee Kuehne, Concordia graduate, Director of Christian Education

Travel Opportunities
The Department of English and Modern Language offers opportunities to study abroad for a semester or a few weeks.  In the past, department faculty have taken students to Italy and Russia to study literature and the arts.   

The Italy trip was an awesome experience to take in conjunction with the English and Modern Languages department. When we arrived in Italy, it was as if our readings had come alive. It was wonderful to see what had been described on pages with our very own eyes. The culture of Italy was exciting and energetic. Every site that we went to attested to Italy's culture and heritage in the best possible way . . .I was also able to connect some of the literature we read to this location . . .This trip really helped me connect what?s on paper to what I can see. --Candice Bicondoa, Concordia graduate, Education major

HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs)
Students interested in hands-on learning that allows them to make a difference in their community and their world have the option to participate in a variety of HECUA programs, both in the Twin Cities area and abroad. 

Credits earned through HECUA programs, particularly the City Arts program, can be used to fulfill some general education and major course requirements.