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History Department Independent Study guidelines

updated 1 July 2004

Independent Study courses in the Department of History provide a more flexible educational experience for the student, as well as college credit for work done outside the conventional classroom setting. These courses are designed and supervised by a faculty member in the Department of History. Students are responsible for completing an application form that specifies course goals/objectives and projected outcomes, learning strategies, and evaluation procedures. The student’s advisor, course instructor, department chair, and the dean must approve that proposal. 
    History Department Requirements for Independent Study: In most traditional history classes, students read, listen to lectures, join discussions, watch videos, participate in class projects, write, and do a variety of homework assignments. Some of those important educational experiences are not possible in an Independent Study environment. Therefore, students must do an additional amount of reading and research on their own. So while these specific History Department requirements might, at first glance, seem demanding, the supplementary materials are to compensate for the in-class activities you will be missing.  

requirements for four credits (fewer credits = reduced work) percent of grade
8-10 books, videos, and/or other academic materials (selected by supervising faculty member), with reviews/critiques of each book/video—each 1000-1500 words in length 40%
research paper (1500 words)—topic selected by student and supervising faculty member 40%
final oral examination covering the course content. Student and supervising faculty member will together a date and time; the exam must taker place no later than the published CSP exam week20%

                                                                         Other requirements (all students must abide by the following rules)

• At start of the semester, student and supervising faculty member will establish a calendar of anticipated completion dates for all assignments. Once established, student will then be expected to adhere to that schedule. Late work will receive no more than partial credit, and this only at the discretion of the supervising faculty member.

• At least of all coursework must be completed by the CSP semester drop date. If the requisite work has not been completed, student will be asked to immediately drop the class.

• NO incompletes will be given. The Independent Study class must be finished on time. Any and all work not handed in at the end of the semester will be recorded as an F.

• Supervising faculty member will create a written contract with the specific details of the Independent Study; both student and supervising faculty member will sign the document.