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The study of History at Concordia University is not only about the past--it is also about the present and the future. A student in our program will learn to think critically about change over time and how contemporary society has been impacted by all those who came before us. And our program stresses both global AND community education. Even though we are a relatively small department, we offer students the global knowledge they will need to compete in the 21st century. At the same time, our students can experience and witness local history first-hand.  

History Students: Our ideal History student is inquisitive, an independent thinker, and willing to demonstrate flexibility in their academic studies. They will be able to understand and interpret differing Historical interpretations and viewpoints. We seek students who think for themselves and ask the difficult questions about the past and the present. We are most proud of the fact that our History students graduate with the ability to think critically, do independent research, and understand the world and the community they live in. And above all, History students are interesting people. And that IS very important! A History major will provide both academic and practical skills, as well as the ethical and spiritual tools, to become solid citizens and members of a diverse and pluralistic society.  

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:
Because our department trains students to think critically (and not just to memorize dates and names) job possibilities are endless. History students do well in the business world, in the non-profit sector, as well as in teaching, research, archival and library work, politics, writing and editing, government service, and the legal profession.  And we are fortunate to live in a urban area with many opportunities like non-profit organizations, corporations, law firms, government agencies, media outlets, and educational institutions. 

Experience at CSP: We also try to provide our History students with practical experience while at Concordia. We stress internships, student research, service-learning, and community projects as part of our undergraduate educational program. We also have a number of Historical sites which furnish tremendous research opportunities: the Minnesota History Center, James J. Hill House, Historic Fort Snelling, Mill City Museum, the Alexander Ramsey House, and many others. And finally, our urban diversity allows students to gain experiences with immigrants, labor history, social service programs, and various global issues. Yes, we do provide traditional classroom learning; but we are also able to use the Twin Cities to offer much, much more to our students.