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International Studies

A new minor in the History/Political Science department

The new International Studies (ITS) minor at Concordia University is an interdisciplinary program that will provide students with an understanding of the forces that shape the globe. Students will learn about a variety of international processes such as globalization, nationalism, international trade, demographics and migration, human rights, development, cultural diversity, national and trans-national identities, global conflicts, and peacekeeping. The program curriculum will include courses in geography, political science, history, economics, sociology, art, and communications. In addition, we strongly encourage CSP students to develop their global perspective through study abroad opportunities and/or language study.

Our program does not solely focus on traditional topics like diplomacy, war, and security. We want students to gain a broader sense of the world and their place in it through the study of cultures (food, music, art, literature) that provide its vibrancy; systems (economics, political science, sociology, history) that shape its challenges; and opportunities (geography, technology, communications, youth) that show its future potential. Our department will work very hard to keep courses relevant to the changing times as it is our view that international relations is not only an interdisciplinary field but a constantly changing one.      

Our students are encouraged to take an active role in the global community, a role informed by a deeper understanding of how domestic and international affairs connect. In this relatively new and complicated century, we are all members of an interlinked society and thus already practitioners of international relations. Globalization, trade, immigration, and the world wide web have knitted us ever closer together and today?s students have more in common with their global peer group than any previous generations. Other factors like the rise of global social networking and the nearly universal domination of transnational youth culture has also solidified a global society. It is our intention that students grow to understand this phenomena and its impact on their lives.   

In addition to travel and language opportunities, many ITS students can complete internships with government agencies, businesses, banks, and other agencies with international connections. Not only is an internship a good way to confirm career interests, but it is also an excellent resume builder. Our minor is designed to help students prepare for careers in international service and business, non-governmental organizations, human rights advocacy, the foreign service, the Peace Corps, and for the pursuit of additional graduate work in the humanities and social sciences.