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University Honors in litteris fideque Capstone: Building for Eternity

In the capstone, Honors students come together during their last spring semester at Concordia University, St. Paul, to tie together what they have learned during their first two years in the Honors Program with what they have learned in their specific majors.  The purpose of this class is to tie the thread of faith and learning through their core classes for their majors and to continue it through their future plans. 

In Building for Eternity, students are required to choose a book in which they can demonstrate effective themes from their majors as well as faith and learning and present to the class.  Students are also required to read some of the other books and reflect on them for the benefit of those in the class who did not have a chance to read the book.  Students also have the opportunty to meet with the Poehler lecturer before and after their speech, as well as attend their speech, in order to draw connections from the speaker's thoughts to faith and learning in their own lives.  The final portion of this course consists of students writing their five year plans, keeping in mind clear goals in which they wish to incorporate faith and learning into their future.

Below, a portion of the Alpha class of University Honors in litteris fideque celebrates graduation with Dr. Mark Schuler.

Graduation Picture