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University Honors Program at Concordia

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Concordia's University Honors Program in litteris fideque ("in learning and faith") is an interdisciplinary course of study that challenges talented students of diverse backgrounds to integrate Christian faith and academic learning as they practice scholarship and service in a global context.

The University Honors Program in litteris fideque offers an alternative approach to a typical education at Concordia.  It reinvigorates the liberal arts by fully embracing interdisciplinary learning.  The University Honors Program in litteris fideque creates fellowship unequalled on campus as students take the core block of courses together.  It provides opportunities for students to become leaders in research and service to others and anchors learning in a constant conversation with the Christian gospel, which is at the heart of the institution.

According to John Osborne, "The vast majority of students at most public and private institutions are indifferent or even hostile to education by the time they come to college.  They desire practical training, not education, and resent any learning that does not appear to be career oriented."(1)   By contrast, Concordia's University Honors Program in litteris fideque is an opportunity and a challenge to those who wish for more from a degree.  Its passion for excellence and focus on service to others and the world will foster growth among those with advanced talent and experience and will illumine educational possibilities for all to see. 

Congratulations, 2011 Graduates (Betas and Alphas)

2011 Grads from the Beta Class (with some Alphas)

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(1) John Osborn, "Honors, Elitism, and the Iron Law of Oligarchy," Forum for Honors 19.4 (1989): 25.