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Questions and Answers about the University Honors Program

What is the University Honors Program in litteris fideque?

A small and select group of Concordia students participate in the University Honors Program.  These students along with distinguished faculty connect their learning and their Christian faith in an integrated environment to foster scholarship and service directed toward the needs of others and the world. No challenge is too great, no problem is too difficult for this group to tackle.

What are honors courses like?

Honors students are ready to learn and want "something more" from their college experience at a Christian university.  More is expected of such students, and such students have more to give and to gain.

What are the objectives of the University Honors Program in litteris fideque?

Students who participate in the University Honors Program activities will:

1. Engage in rigorous intellectual and spiritual inquiry that integrates the Christian Gospel and the arts and sciences with attention to a range of global cultural expressions;

2. Examine and debate ideas in a respectful and open-minded environment, taking into particular consideration voices often silenced by dominant cultures;

3. Explore their values and beliefs in view of the needs of the less fortunate and the impact of human life on the planet; and 

4. Practice action on behalf of others in a local or global context.