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Meet our Honors Students


Ryan Halsne Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Halsne and I'm from Chaska, Minnesota (a suburb about 40 minutes from here).  I come from a typical middle class family of four with two adorable dogs.  My major is Graphic Design and I may throw a Psych minor in there too.  As you can can guess from my previous sentence, I love to create art! I am also running on the Cross Country team here at Concordia, so you might think that I can entertain the idea of running long distances.  Some of my other interests are snowboarding, skateboarding, listening to music, playing music, watching music be played, and moving my body to music (I don't know if I could call it dancing though).  I'm really looking forward to the rest of this year and the following in the Honors Program.  I'm excited to learn about being "Human and Christian in an Interconnected World" and getting to know the Honors group!
Gina Marchetti I'm Gina Marchetti, and honestly, I don't know what to write.  If you want to know all the general college student information about me, I'm from North St. Paul, I'm majoring in Elementary Education, and what really got me to join the Honors Programs is that it's an alternative to generals and takes up less credit hours.  However, if I were really to tell you about who I am, I would have to mention that those things are only temporarily important to me, since the structure of this world and this tent of a body I live in will only be this way for such a minimal part of my existence.  And so, that being said, I think it can easily be inferred why I am skimping out of the details, since an important part of me is that the tangible things about who I am are not all that important.
Katie Nemeth Hey, my name is Katie Nemeth, and I am from Orofino, Idaho. I am very ative and love spending tons of time outdoors.  Here at Concordia I am on the soccer team and decided to do the Honors Program as a way to experience two different sides of college.  I am currently on the track to major in Biology as a plan to finish my Pre-Med requisites and go to Med School.  From there I may study sports medicine or continue on my way to becoming a doctor.  I have two older sisters Becca and Sarah, that are going to college in Nevada.  Other random facts about me consist of my favorite color being green, I love potpies and my favorite candy are mini Reeses.
Jade Ptacek Hi, my name is Jade Ptacek.  I'm from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  At Concordia I'm planning on majoring in Marketing with a minor in Design.  I play on the softball team and I love to sing although I am not in the choir.  I enjoy many activities including sports, music, drawing, and finding new things to do.  I joined the Honors Program at Concordia because I like to challenge myself.  Also, I enjoy being part of something that helps people and the community.  I look forward to having a good time while also connecting my faith with my education.
Kat Reinholdt My name is Kathryn Reinhold, and I prefer to be called Kat.  I am an aunt of seven and  the youngest child in my family. I chose to join the Honors Program because I like a challenge and I wanted to find my faith again.  I can honestly say my faith is renewed despite times of tragedy when I questioned my beliefs.  I am a Psych major with a minor in legal Studies in hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.  This is not because I watch Criminal Minds or Bones, but because psycholgical profiling of criminals has always fascinated me.  Being part of a family where psychological functions are often brought up, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I learned of such a career.  I am Kat, I attend Concordia University in St. Paul, and I am so happy to be in the Honors program. Go Zetas!
Anna Schield My name is Anna Schield, and I am from Two harbors, Minnesota, where I live in the middle of the forest by Lake Superior.  My major here is Elementary Education with a Special Education minor and a Lutheran Classroom Certification.  When I'm not spending my time accomplishing assigned tasks related to my studies, I love to be with my cross country team running together and generally having a good bonding time.  If I ever feel I have spare time to use at my discretion, I usually choose to spend that time in a conversation with someone (I love to talk about feelings) or commit to a good few hours spent with children.  I am thankful that I am a child of God and that I receive perfect and enduring love at no cost to myself.  I am also thankful for a free ticket into heaven to be with my Father and Savior forever because of Jesus's sacrifice of Himself for my sins.  I chose to participate in the Honors Program because I desire a deeper approach to learning which includes alternate perspectives and a shared love of learning by the community with whom I am surrounded.  I look forward to the work that we will do to grow in our faith while learning enthusiastically. 
Tori Schultz My name is Tori Schultz and I am in the Zeta class.  My hometown is Utica, Minnesota.  I come from a family of six with two brothers and an older sister.  I love to play sports, read, and watch Disney movies. :)  Tangled is my favorite.  I am a huge Twins fan and I had the honor of playing The Star Spangled Banner at one my senior year.  My ambition is to become either a pediatric dentist or a family dentist.  I hope to study dentistry after Concordia at the University of Minnesota Dentistry School.  I chose the Honors Program at Concordia because it gives me the opportunity to explore my faith while learning.  I enjoy competitive classes so it has been perfect for me.
Casey Stage Hi! My name is Casey Stage, and I grew up in Hibbing which is located up there on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota.  I have a younger sister who is currently a sophomore in high school and a chocolate lab named Koda.  I am so excited about being here at Concordia because it feels like home away from home.  My plan is to major in math and minor in Business, but I'm not sure what I want to do with all of that yet; I'm hoping to figure that out during my time at CSP.  I love music as well, and I am a member of the Concordia Concert and Jazz Bands.  I try to live a life full of happiness and purpose, which is why I was drawn to the Honors Program because it seemed like it would allow me to do just that in addition to providing the opportunity to continue learning while being immersed in faith.
Crystal Vaughan Hey all! My name is Crystal Vaughan, and I'm a music education major from Chesapeake, Virginia.  I have one brother, and two wonderful parents that wish I'd chosen a school that was less than 1300 miles from where they are.  I chose Concordia because it's  small, yet located in a big city area; because it has an awesome music department; and because of the Honors Program.  I love singing, playing piano, going to the beach, playing with my dog, reading, dancing, shopping, and intensifying my relationship with God.  I also enjoy delving deeper into all of my interests and learning more about myself along the way, which is why the CSP Honors Program is a perfect fit for me.
Jordan Voges My name is Jordan Voges.  I'm from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.  I'm currently attending Concordia University in order to accomplish my pre-seminary studies.  I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to be in an atmosphere where the people actually wanted to learn.  So far, I must say I love it here.  The academic portion is challenging and fascinating but by far the human aspect has been the best part.  I look forward to seeing where this adventure leads me in the coming years!
Amy Abrigo Hi!  My name is Amy Abrigo.  I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and I have no siblings.  I am currently undecided on a major, so I'm open to all options!  For now I'm just trying new things and discovering so much about myself so that I can figure out just what my interests are and what I can do with them as a career.  I am very excited for the Honors Program and I love the whole idea that the Honors students are like a "family."
Chris Anderson My name is Chris Anderson, and I grew up in Eagan, Minnesota.  I joined the honors program because I wanted the academic challenge the honors program offered, and it seemed like a good way to disprove the common stereotype that all football players are idiots, because not all of us are. 
Sarah Christopher Hello, my name is Sarah Christopher.  I was born in Saint Paul, MN but was raised in Eau Claire, WI where I was bred (successfully) to be a Wisconsin enthusiast.  Back in Eau Claire, I have an older sister who, this year, will turn 20 and a younger brother who will turn 15 (both in November).  My Mom and Step-Father live in Eau Claire with my younger brother and my Dad and Step-Mother live less than 10 blocks away from me in Saint Paul.  In addition to all of this, I have three step-siblings.  Currently, I have an undecided major, but am looking to change this to either pre-law, or to a degree that will lend itself well to my law school application.  The reason I want to become a lawyer is closely tied to why I chose the Honors program here at Concordia; I want to spend my life challenging myself to think critically, objectively, and with intelligence.
Anna Dauffenbach Hello!  My name is Anna Dauffenbach, and I am a freshman here at Concordia St. Paul.  I am from Owatonna, Minnesota where I have lived my entire life.  I have one older sister, April who lives in New York City.  I am planning to become a Director of Christian Education with either a double major or a minor in sociology.  I want to be able to assist people of all ages in the struggles and triumphs they have with their faith in Jesus Christ, and be a teacher and friend to all who need or want my help, but most importantly, a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.  I am extremely excited and proud to be a part of the Honors Program 'family.'  I am looking forward to the many challenges, being able to integrate my faith into my everyday learning and becoming close the people within our family.
Lauren Erath

Hi, my name is Lauren Erath.  I graduated from Concordia Academy High School in 2010.  I played volleyball during all four of my years in high school and played the flute in band for the last three.  My college major is going to be Director of Christian Outreach.  I hope to live a life of service to God and others by using all of the skills and abilities that God has given me.  I dream of being a writer on the side and gettings some of my books published.

I really like the color blue, and I wear blue clothing almost every day.  Some of my favorite things to do are writing stories and going on adventures.  Often times I get caught up in my imagination and spend a little too much time in dream land.  When I am not cuaght up in my imagination I like to climb trees, learn new skills such as making stained glass pieces, watch a little bit of anime such as Sailor Moon, read (to some extent), eat pocky or anything else that is dessert like, go on hikes, swim, ski or iceskate in the winter, try to do slightly dangerous stunts, and contemplate things concerning theology and philosophy.  I try to live for God and grow in my relationship with Him, even though it is sometimes really hard to do.  I hope that I will grow to be a true living letter for Him.

Jonathan Erber

Hi, my name is Jonathan Erber.  This past year I graduated from Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria.  I enjoy running, reading, and football (soccer), go Super Eagles!! (and Arsenal)  I've been on the varsity track team since freshman year and ran sound and lights for various school performances as well.

This summer I worked at Camp Concordia, a Lutheran summer camp in Michigan where I did maintenance.  I am planning on majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. 
Samantha Huntley Hello, my name is Sam Huntley.  I'm from Stillwater, Minnesota.  I'm currently an undecided major but looking into art, business, science, or education.  I chose to come to Concordia because I knew I would be a part of a diverse group of people and be in an interesting community.  I chose to join the Honors program because I was looking for a unique, more personal learning experience.  In my free time I love to be outside.  I enjoy reading, drawing, biking, rollerblading, and making bracelets.  I most often spend my weekends at concerts or other fun city events and places, so St. Paul is the perfect city for me!
Joanna Johnson Hello!  My name is Joanna Johnson.  I'm really exited to be at college and to be a part of the honors program.  I'm 17 years old.  I was born in Michigan, but moved to North Carolina when I was two.  I'm majoring in Music Education and play guitar, piano, flute, and fiddle, as well as sing.  My dad is a pastor and my mom is a preschool teacher.  I have five siblings, and my two older siblings have/are attending Concordia St. Paul.  The thing I'm looking forward to the most about honors is connecting everything back to my faith.  I love God so much, and I want Him to be the center of every part of my life. 
Abby Landes Hi everyone!  I am Abby Landes, and I grew up in Glencoe and Arlington, Minnesota (Both very small towns that you've probably never heard of).  I am, so far, really enjoying my time at Concordia as a student in the Honors Program.  I am interested in art, music, dance, and Christian outreach; and am hoping to be able to incorporate all of these interests in my major - although as of now, I have no idea what that will be!  What I was initially drawn to about the honors programs was the combination of faith and learning - and its connection to our daily lives.  I am enjoying the discussion we've been having in class up to this point and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!
Leah Markham My name is Leah Markham, and I am from White Bear Township, Minnesota.  I have a younger brother, Jacob, who started high school this fall.  I am a freshman this year at Concordia and am majoring in Biology.  I don't know yet how exactly I want to use my degree, but I definitely want to help people in some way.  I am really excited about the Honors program because I want to challenge myself and be surrounded by students who are also dedicated to their school work. 
Christian Muters My name is Christian Muters.  I am majoring in Psychology and Pre-Seminary Studies.  I have enjoyed Honors at CSP because it has provided a once in a lifetime challenge and opportunity that would not normally be available. 
Alex Wright My name is Alex Wright.  I am from Gurnee, Illinois.  I am a DCE major with possibly a religion minor.  At my church in Gurnee I was very active with my youth group.  I loved service projects and just hanging out and talking with friends.  I loved talking with my DCE and having discussions about various parts of the Bible.  This is partly what sparked my interest for the Honors Program.  I am looking forward to connecting the subjects of learning to faith and religion.



David Edwards

My name is David Edwards, I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I moved to McKinney, Texas when I was six and that is where my home is now. I have three sisters, two older and one younger. I am 20 years old and a sophomore. I am planning to major in History and then head to seminary to become a pastor. I've enjoyed being a part of the Honors program, with the good discussions, inside and outside of class, the interesting topics of study, and the friendships I've developed and look forward to continuing in it.  I am especially looking forward to this year with studying the ways of knowing and learning more about how the many areas of academics i.e. Math, Science, English, Arts, etc. and many areas of our life are interconnected. 

Daniel Ondov

My name is Daniel Paul Raymond Ondov. I lived in Minneapolis, MN until I was 5, and I now live in Lakeville, MN. I was home schooled for my entire life until now. I am 18 and I will turn 19 in November. My major is Pre-seminary. I count it a privilege to be part of the Honors Program. I believe I will be challenged more, and that it will be an all around better experience because of the close knit group of students and because of the way the Honors Program brings in hands on learning and serving the community. Also, because there are a limited number of students in the Honors Program, I think more life-long friendships will be made and I will learn more.

Anna Shaw

Hey! My name is Anna Shaw, and I am a second year student here at Concordia St. Paul. My family currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, but we have also lived in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Taiwan. I'm majoring in K-8 math education with a Lutheran Confessionalism Minor. I'm not sure how long I'll be teaching in a traditional school, but I see myself doing some combination of church work and teaching after I graduate.  I am extremely excited to be involved in the Honors Program, both for the challenge and the experience.  I love to learn and serve my Savior so I think it is a great fit!

Kyle Sorkness

My name is Kyle Sorkness and, as of this writing, I am a 19-year-old sophomore at Concordia University, St. Paul. I was born and raised in Fergus Falls, MN, a small, rural community (and home of the world's largest otter). I am currently feeling drawn toward Christian Outreach, and I look forward to the next few years of exploring different church work paths.  I was glad to be a part of the Honors program last year, and I am excited to study the "ways of knowing" this year and experience some more in-class time with professors from all of the various disciplines.  So far, I feel that the Honors program has offered exactly what I'm looking for: a fusion of faith and learning, study and service, God's Kingdom and the secular world.  I have also valued the challenges, the in-depth discussions, and the closeness of everyone in the Honors "family."

Cara Tignanelli

Hello, my name is Caralyn Tignanelli, and I am a sophomore in the honors program at Concordia St. Paul. I grew up in Rochester, Michigan, which is about twelve to fourteen hours from CSP. You might wonder why I chose to come all the way out to St. Paul when there is a Concordia in Michigan. Well to be honest one of the biggest draws for me was the Honors Program. I was really drawn to Dr. Schuler's philosophy of connecting faith and learning, not only to each other, but also to our daily lives. That is something that we Deltas and Gammas will get to experience later this year through our service project, where we will learn how to use the gifts and talents God has given us to benefit his people. The honors program has also helped me get ahead in my other areas of study. I will be majoring in secondary history education and because I will be completing my general education credits through the Honors Program, I have already begun taking the classes that are required for my major rather than waiting until my junior and senior years to start these classes. This has allowed me to pick up two minors and diversify my education while still being on track to graduate in a reasonable amount of time. Overall I am very excited to go forward with my fellow honors students as we move together through the worlds of faith and learning and begin to build bridges between the two.

Jay Weiler

Hi, my name is Jarett Weiler, but most of my friends just call me Jay. I grew up in the (very) small town of Auburndale, WI on an elk farm. I am a K-6 Elementary Education major with a Confessional Lutheranism minor to get my Lutheran Classroom teacher certification.  The Honors program has been a great experience so far, and I look forward to my second year in the program!

Jackie Wiebold

Hi everyone, my name is Jackie Wiebold, and I'm a Director of Christian Education student here at Concordia.  I'm in the Delta Honors class and am really excited to discover what this year holds for us.  After spending a year learning and growing through a service project I'm looking forward to spending time in the classroom with a wide variety of subjects.



Anna Fink

My name is Anna Fink. I grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin right next to Lake Michigan. I am 20 and a junior. I am a theatre design major, and hopefully will go on to do costume design. Honors is a great way to open my mind and get me thinking beyond the traditional program. The Honors Program incorporates many different areas of learning and shows you how they fit together. I am very excited for the internship this year. I think it is an excellent way to get involved in the community and find how my field of study can help those who are poor and marginalized.

Brian Weyers

Hello my name is Brian Weyers. I will be a junior at Concordia this year. I grew up in the not so small anymore town of Hudson. Just a hop skip and a jump from the cities. I love to listen and play music. I play the saxophone, a little piano, fife, and recorder. I love pretty much all types of music except for hard core rap and country. I run a pretty busy life outside of school. I am a black belt in karate. Civil War reenacting is another one of my huge passions. I am a Lieutenant in the 6th Wisconsin Company B here in Hudson and based out of Prescott. The number one thing in my life is my faith and that comes first from family and friends very close after. I am currently a DCE major (Director of Christian Education) at Concordia and loving every minute of it.

Danielle Hahnemann

My name is Danielle Hahnemann, and I am a 20-year-old junior who hails from Appleton, WI. Go Packers! I am currently attending Concordia so that I can work towards earning my certification as a Director of Christian Education in the LC-MS. I work at a summer camp in northern Wisconsin, and my involvement in PRISMS (the youth ministry organization on campus) has helped me realize my passion for working with kids, especially middle and high school youth. When I leave Concordia, I hope to be called as a youth director. The Honors Program has already opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and relating to people, and I'm sure that my second year is going to bring even more insight and learning. SO EXCITED!

Erin Rudolph

My name is Erin Rudolph, and I'll be a junior here at CSP this upcoming school year. My official major is 5-12 Communication Arts and Literature Teaching, with a double minor in Lutheran Confessionalism and Music. (It's a bit long winded, I know, I apologize.) I am looking forward to continuing the Honors adventure this year and continuing to broaden my horizons in order to better understand and help the other people in this world. As always, God remains a central part in my life and my main motivation for all that I do.

Felicia Sechser

My name is Felicia Sechser, I'm 20 from Blaine, MN. I'm a junior majoring in Finance with a minor in dance. It's a weird combination, but someday I hope to open my own dance studio. I think the Honors Program will help me learn how to comprehend things at a faster pace while covering many topics at the same time. The honors program will contribute to my major by allowing me to look at things from a different perspective and help bring facts behind my arguments.

Heather Huckstadt

My name is Heather Huckstadt. I am 20 years old, and a junior in the Honors Program (class Gamma). I am majoring in sociology (probably), aiming for an eventual Masters in Social Work and hoping to double major in Spanish if the program grows enough. I would like to eventually work in a community center or some sort of agency that helps Hispanics having trouble in the US due to the language barrier.  I think the Honors Program will help me strengthen my faith, but I chose it because of the opportunity for service learning.

Jessica Patterson

Hi! My name is Jessie Patterson. I'm a sophomore here at Concordia, and I'm from Prior Lake, MN so I'm not too far from home. As of now, I'm a Pre-Med major and would like to become a pediatrician one day. My favorite parts about the Honors Program are all of the discussions we have and anything that isn't homework. :) It's probably my favorite class because I know that it's going to stick with me the longest. I haven't been in it too long yet, but I can already tell that it's going to make me think and challenge me to make myself a better person. I love it!

Josie Gronbach

I am Josie Gronbach, from Humboldt, Iowa. I am 21 years old and in class Gamma of Honors. I am currently not sure what my major is, but being in the Honors Program could not be a better choice for that reason. I am planning on doing my internship somewhere where I may pursue my interests and find what career and major work best for the gifts God has given to me. With incorporating faith and learning in the classroom, my time in the Honors Program has already proved to challenge and expand my way of thinking, as well as create amazing relationships. God Bless!

Sarah Koscielniak

My name is Sarah Koscielniak. I'm 20 years old and a junior at CSP. My hometown is Grand Haven, Michigan (about an inch below your pinky knuckle on your hand). I am hoping to create my own major, with the mixture of Christian Outreach, Intercultural Communications and Business. With this major I hope to work at a non-profit organization for a little while, working with refugees, and then own my own fair trade coffee shop, using that as a ministry to people while still helping the social injustices in the world. I think Honors is a great program for my major because it causes me to think not only of the math and business involved in my future, but also the faith and religious outlook. It's hands on and it's opened my eyes for different ways of learning. My favorite part about Honors so far is the closeness of the group and how everyone supports one another while we all learn together.

Philip Jahnke

Hi, my name is Philip Jahnke. I am a 20 year old junior from West Fargo, ND. I am currently undecided as to exactly what my major will be, but I know that my major will be in a math and science related field. With my major, I would like to get a job in an engineering firm or I would like to work for the NSA or a government agency like that. I think that the Honors Program will be beneficial to me and my intended major because the Honors Program involves both faith and learning so with that experience I hope to be able to be a better witness in my work environment. The Honors Program, with its rigorous schedule, will help me to develop my abilities to work under pressure and to be knowledgeable about many different areas of academics. My favorite part of the Honors Program is the small class size and the interaction between the freshman and the sophomore classes.






The Alpha and Beta Classes

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