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Capstone Examples for the Topic: Corporate Re-engineering
Many options exist for the creation and production of the Master of Arts in Organizational Management capstone. Assume that the topic area is Corporate Re-engineering (CR). Here are some options for the form that the thesis activity might take.

Thesis Format: The student develops an organizational climate survey and administers it to employees of a corporation that has just undergone CR. The results are tabulated and presented in a traditional format.

Literature review: Student conducts an exhaustive literature review on CR. The results are presented in an organized, organic form.

Novella, biography, or short stories: Student writes a fictional account of an organization that has gone through CR. Psychological depth and accurate depiction of the results of the situation are portrayed.

Qualitative analysis: Student interviews individuals or groups of employees who have undergone a CR process. Thematic analysis is conducted on the videotapes, audiotapes, or transcriptions. What themes have emerged? How do the themes relate to the literature?

Case study analysis or organizational history: Student evaluates and analyzes an organization that has gone through CR. Student may employ any number of qualitative or quantitative tools, primary sources, and/or secondary sources. Student does an historical analysis of an organization, reaching for as much depth as possible.

Training materials: Student studies CR from primary or secondary sources. Student develops series of workshops or training sessions for employees who are about to undergo a CR. Student also develops the training material that will be used.

Comic book or other graphic depiction: Student uses graphic or pictorial talents to create story about a CR.

Other: The student chooses an alternative structure for the thesis activity. It must be of high quality and directly related to what has been learned in the MAOM.

Minimum Expectations
Regardless of the methodology chosen, the thesis project is not limited to a printed document but should include the following components:
a table of contents to identify materials in the thesis activity.
a clear statement in the beginning of a problem to be solved.
a grounding in a base of sound theory.
a review of the literature and its application to the thesis activity.
a demonstration of the knowledge areas and the ways of knowing.
a synthesis of ideas from multiple disciplines in solving the problem.
an evaluative component for the capstone.