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Coursework at the graduate level is not just different classes than the undergraduate, nor is it simply more information on a particular topic. It is designed to be a qualitatively different learning experience.

Graduate coursework is more creative. Students create systems that will help them to be more effective professionals.

Graduate coursework is more self-directed. In many assignments, students choose, under the guidance of faculty, an area that they feel they need to know more about and they study that area.

Graduate coursework is more rigorous. More is expected of the graduate student than of the certificate or undergraduate student.

Graduate coursework is more attentive to epistemological issues. More attention is given to how we know what we know, and to how we prove what we know. Skills of discernment and critical thinking are needed.

Graduate coursework is more attentive to research. Students will be looking into (and conducting) research into organizational management issues. They will read original research.

Graduate coursework is more a community of learners, rather than just a teacher-student relationship. Graduate students are assumed to have reached an intellectual maturity that puts them at a place where the role of the instructor is different. Instructors guide and mentor the mature student in the direction that the student has identified.

In graduate coursework, students become involved in local, state, and national leadership issues in both legislative and professional organizational areas.

Graduate students give careful consideration to research, information, and bibliographic references. The skills of knowledge navigation are increasingly important in the years ahead, and graduate students know how to find the knowledge they need.

Graduate learning is constructing and defining knowledge. The community of learners open new insights and create new knowledge in the field.

Faculty members have a rich background of experience, hold advanced degrees, and have experienced rigorous graduate work in their own academic preparation. This background influences their work as instructors at the graduate level.