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Advisor Appointment
An advisor will be appointed to all degree seeking students. In programs that use the cohort model of delivery, the student’s advisor will initially be the primary instructor (i.e., the instructor for the first emphasis course in the sequence of modules). The advisor will assist the student in making the transition to collaborative and self-directed learning. In addition the advisor will assist the student in selecting a capstone and the remaining members of the capstone committee. The advisor will work with the student in selecting a topic or theme for the capstone activity. The advisor may also serve as the chairperson of the capstone committee.

Establishing a Capstone Committee
The student’s capstone committee will have two members: a chairperson, and one additional member selected by the student. Members selected by the student will serve at the approval of the Chair of the MAOM.

The Capstone Chair's role is to:
Assist the student in the identification and development of a viable topic.
Assist in the selection of a reader.
Monitoring the quality and progress of the capstone activity.
Approve the topic and learning contract.

The Reader's role is to:
Provide technical knowledge regarding the capstone topic.
Evaluate the student’s skill in writing literate and logical discourse.
Help students achieve program goals.
While adjunct faculty, emeriti faculty, and in some cases non-faculty can serve on the capstone committee, they should not serve as the committee chairperson.

Making Committee Appointment Changes
Students are free to change chairs or readers, although such changes are unusual and should be made with care and deliberation. Changes most frequently occur when it becomes apparent that another faculty member’s interests are closer to the student’s or when the student’s needs for completing the capstone activity change.

Proposed changes should be discussed with both the present and prospective committee member, and if both concur, an amended learning contract should be filed with the MAOM chair.

Submit Capstone Activity Learning Contract
By the end of the Managerial Research Methods and Design module, the student will submit the learning contract to the instructor of the module. Students may at this time select an alternate capstone chair based on a final selection of a capstone topic.

Approval of Capstone Activity Learning Contract
The instructor of research module and the capstone chairperson must approve the documents before the student’s capstone process can continue.

Discuss Capstone Activity with Instructor of Managerial Research Module
The student submits the first draft of the capstone activity contract and proposal to the instructor of Managerial Research module during the class. The instructor will read the material and make suggestions on how to refine and improve the material.

Make Revisions
Students make necessary revisions, rewriting the capstone proposal until it is finished. At this point, the student should have a capstone proposal in the final format for submission to the instructor.

Presentation of the Capstone Project
The presentation of the thesis activity occurs during OMG 555 Capstone Seminar. Students should give a professional summary of the capstone project. Fellow cohort members will have opportunities to to ask questions.

Appeal Process
If the student receives a vote of Unacceptable, and believes that the process or the personnel were unfair, an appeal procedure as outlined in the Faculty Handbook (Ch. 9)may be followed.

The student is responsible for:
carrying out the contract.
initiating meetings with the instructor, committee chairperson, committee.
keeping the committee chairperson/committee apprised of the capstone activity.

The Completed Capstone Activity
All capstones should have a literature review and an extended bibliography
The capstone document format will follow American Psychological Association (APA).  
The capstone document should be submitted in a 8 x 11 size paper; acid-free paper of at least 20 lb.
When the thesis activity has been approved by their committee, the student will submit one professionally band copy and an electronic copy (email attachment or database)
The cover page should conform to the required university standard.