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All research projects that involve human subjects must be reviewed by the Human Subject Review Committee. Whenever studying, observing, or working with human subjects, the student must ensure consent, confidentiality, and a minimum of risk.

No project involving human subjects may begin until there is written approval from the Committee. The complete document Protocols and Procedures for Research Involving Human Subjects with Protocol Form for submitting a proposal is included in this Thesis Guidelines document. The proposal to the committee must have the following components:

A description of the subjects.
The purpose of the project and the procedures to be used.
A description of any potential risks from the study and a description of how you will maintain confidentiality.
A description of potential benefits of the study.
An analysis of the risk-to-benefit ratio (if there are risks).
Any financial costs to the subjects.
A description of how you will get consent; for children, how you will get assent from the children and permission from the parents.
Whether or not deception is used in the study design.
How privacy will be maintained.

There are also a number of components that must be communicated in writing to all the research subjects. The document Procedures for Research Involving Human Subjects further explains the requirements and procedures for obtaining needed approvals. If you wish to conduct research involving human subjects, first discuss the project with your instructor or research committee chairperson.