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Course Descriptions

Learners in the cohort move through these courses together. This is a 33-credit masters degree.  Each course, including the practicum courses, are three credits.  The following courses constitute the degree. They are ordered as taken in the program. Each course is linked to another page where syllabus, handouts, or other documentation for the course are posted. The course materials are displayed as Adobe .pdf documents. If you are unable to see them, you will need to download Adobe Reader.

Note:  Please view the following 3 examples of past syllabi.

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2011-12 Spring Semester

THY 572  Missio Dei     

Missio Dei lays the groundwork for understanding all of life and ministry within the context of the mission of God to gather people into fellowship with Himself in Jesus Christ.  For the purpose of field learning, the student in this course will be expected to spend time interviewing people who may be able to help in shaping a field learning plan designed to assist in meeting their goals as MACOL students. In addition, the student will produce a Theology of Outreach Leadership essay to be posted to eFolio.

THY 577 Mission Design for Outreach Leaders

Mission Design for Outreach Leaders helps the student to see that missiological research and their service as practitioners walk side by side. The student will complete an initial field learning strategy as a pre- course assignment. Shaping that strategy will be a major part of the course assignments. During this time period the student will complete a strategy and begin to implement it. A formal Field Learning report will be submitted to the instructor. By the end of this class, students should have at least 25 hours of DIRECT involvement in Field Learning logged in a journal.


2011-12 Summer Semester

THY 521 Spiritual and Ethical Leadership Formation    

Spiritual and Ethical Leadership Formation involves the transformation of the MACOL student as well as looking at what transformation involves in terms of developing other leaders. The student will be asked to make an in-class presentation outlining some of the spiritual and ethical issues that have arisen (or could arise) within the course of ministry and especially in the course of the field learning experience. A formal Field Learning report will be submitted by each student to the instructor.

THY 582 Congregational Outreach Leadership  

Congregational Outreach Leadership enables the MACOL student to reflect on ways that congregations conduct outreach and assimilate people into the life of the Body of Christ. In this course, each student will submit a formal report on Field Learning to the instructor. In addition, one assignment in this course will enable the students to reflect on ways that Field Learning illustrates the need for ongoing examination of their outreach practice.


2012-13 Fall Semester

THY 531 Worldview's Impact on Outreach Leadership    

Worldview's Impact on Outreach Leadership challenges students to know their own worldview and examines strategies to learn the worldviews of others. One assignment in this class will invite the student to address the issue of how an understanding of worldview assists in carrying out the functions related to the Field Learning experience. A formal Field Learning report will be submitted to the MACOL Director. By the conclusion of this class, each student should have approximately 125 Field Learning hours logged in the journal.

THY 573 Outreach Leadership in Ministry I: Theory   

Outreach Leadership in Ministry I: Theory focuses on cross-cultural understanding as a vital part of Christian outreach. With respect to Field Learning, one assignment in this course will involve having the student interview someone closely connected with the Field Learning experience. This interview will form the basis of an in-class report that addresses the question of how cross-cultural understanding may assist in carrying out the activities associated with the Field Learning.


2012-13 Spring Semester

THY591 Field Learning Seminar   

During the Field Learning Seminar, the MACOL student will have the opportunity to "think integration" (namely, how does the Field Learning dovetail with what is being learned in the classes -- as well as how do theology and practice come together in the practice of Christian outreach). Student will submit a formal Field Learning report to the instructor. Revisions to the original Field Learning strategy should be completed during this course, in order to enable a more focused and intentional outreach strategy during the final part of the Field Learning. A Program Integration Paper will be completed and posted to eFolio.

THY 541 Missional Leaders through History      

Missional Leaders through History enables the student to consider the wide variety of backgrounds, preparation, and practice involved in the lives of Christian outreach leaders through history. The MACOL student will be asked to include as a significant part of a written assignment one section titled "What I Learn from Missional Leaders that Helps in Field Learning." By the conclusion of this class, student should have logged in the journal approximately 200 Field Learning hours.


2012-13 Summer Semester

THY 551 Social Issues in Mission                  

Social Issues in Mission grapples with economic, political, cultural and social issues that impact mission and outreach. Each student will be asked to give a 7 to 10 minute in-class presentation dealing with "Economic, Cultural and Social Issues Impacting My Field Learning." A formal Field Learning report will be submitted to instructor.

THY 581 Outreach Leadership in Ministry II: Strategies                

Outreach Leadership in Ministry II: Strategies discusses strategies for outreach in urban, rural and suburban locations, assisting students to tailor outreach to the specifics of a given situation. Each MACOL student will produce a strategy paper that speaks to the specifics of his/her Field Learning setting. A formal Field Learning report will be submitted to the MACOL Director.


2012-13 Fall Semester

THY 592 Capstone Seminar                   

Capstone Seminar will guide students in the completion of items to be posted to eFolio site. A Missiological Research Paper will be a large part of this course's expectations. This paper will include reflections on the learning that has taken place throughout the program, including the Field Learning component.