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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be employed by a church to be in the program?

2. What courses are completed online?

3. What is a Practicum?

4. What is a Capstone?

5. Is on-campus housing available?

6. What should I do, if I never took Old Testament, New Testament and Christian Doctrine classes?

Do I have to be employed by a church to be in the program?
Answer: Not necessarily. The Christian Outreach degree is offered to people of any professional background.

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What courses are completed online?
Answer:  All MACOL courses are completed online.  Only the practicum course with field learning

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What is Practicum?
Answer: The practicum course is a specialized project that allows the learner to explore outreach concepts that will directly impact their ministry.  There are several practicum courses to choose from but the learner may also design their own course that addresses their interests. On-site field supervisors and academic supervisors are assigned to the learners for guidance during these practicums. Each individual in the cohort is enrolled in one practicum course during spring semester.  However, the work for the course begins in September and continues through May. Learners complete a different practicum course each year. 

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What is a Capstone?
Answer: The thesis/project/manual project/portfolio is the capstone of the Master of Arts in Christian Outreach Leadership degree. It is either a project that is developed and implemented, a hypothesis that is studied, tested, and results shared, or a collection of artifacts sharing the results of work and effort in a particular area. This research paper/project is due after the coursework is complete but should be an ongoing task for the learner throughout the program. 

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Is on-campus housing available?

Answer: Yes.  If you are visiting from out of town and would like an on-campus living arrangement, Concordia University - St. Paul has apartment styled rooms available at $40/night that are located in Holst Hall. Each apartment is fully furnished with either 2 or 4 individual rooms sharing 1 or 2 bathrooms respectively. The apartment is also complete with a fully furnished kitchen, living area, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

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What should I do, if I never took Old Testament, New Testament and Christian Doctrine Classes?

Answer: Undergraduate courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Doctrine are to be completed by the beginning of the second summer residency.  However, students are encouraged to complete this requirement as soon as possible after receiving admission into the program. If the student is not working toward DCO certification, the courses may be completed at any Christian institution. In order to be certified as a DCO, these courses must be completed at an LCMS institution.  Some places that offer these courses by correspondence are Concordia University Chicago, and the LCMS Northwest District. The LCMS's CUENet program is a tool for completing these courses on-line.

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