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On-Campus Living

On-Campus Living

Residence Life

Housing in a Concordia residence hall is available to full-time students.  Cable and wireless network are included in the cost.  Local phone is also included.  

Meal service through Sodexo is included in the room and board charge.

New Student Housing Applications

New students (incoming freshman and transfer) can submit a housing application and a $125 deposit through the Admission Office.  The Residence Life Manager will notify the student of his/her room and roommate assignment.   As stated in the Housing Agreement:

9.  In accordance with University policy, first and second year students are required to live in university-owned housing.  First- and second-year is defined as the first and second full-time academic year in which the student enrolls.  PSEO does not count towards full-time enrollment.  A petition form must be filled out by any first- or second-year student not wishing to live on-campus.  Exceptions to this policy include enrollment in less than 12 credits, living with parent/guardian, 21+ years of age, married, or having children.   The petition form is located on the Residence Life webpage.

Summer Housing

Students attending summer sessions and requiring campus housing should contact Heidi Goettl, Residence Life Manager. (651) 641-8704 or  Students do not have to take summer classes to be eligible for summer housing.  Summer housing is provided in the RLC.

Food Service

Concordia University and our food service partner Sodexo Campus Services strive to provide a healthy variety of food to meet a diverse student bodies’ varied tastes and dietary requirements.  Students are also able to participate in student-led committees to help shape the type of menu that Sodexo offers on a regular basis.  

Living on campus requires participation in Concordia’s room and board program. Section 4 of our Housing Agreement specifically addresses this requirement: 
     4.  Term of Agreement.  The housing agreement is for the academic year, fall and spring semester, or balance thereof and for the summer following.  Room and board charges include a meal plan through the University’s food service, Sodexo.  A meal plan is not included during the summer.

The housing agreement also specifies that students are not able to “opt out” of certain areas based on preference:
     6. Personal preference, taste and economic status are not criteria for modifying this agreement.  These issues are addressed through the Student Policies Committee, the Food Committee and the Financial Aid office.  The resident remains bound by this agreement for charges until a modification has been approved in writing.

If a student has a documented medical disability that cannot be accommodated by our food service provider, a release from the plan would be considered if verified as a documented disability by Disability Services.  To request a release from the meal plan due to a health issue please contact Disability Services.

Melissa Fletcher, M.A.,CT/I-III
Director of Disability Services
651-641-8272 (V/TTY)

Melissa can make you or your student aware of the process and determine the type of documentation that is required and create an accommodation plan. 

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