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Concordia University & Watermark Learning Collaboration

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Why Concordia is collaborating with Watermark:
Today, employers are looking for more than just job expertise-they need problem solvers-highly-performing professionals with the practical know-how to solve problems and create enduring results.
Since 1992, Watermark Learning has been cultivating tomorrow's problem solvers through
Business Analysis, Project Management, and Business Process Management, training.
However, Watermark Learning is more than just a business analysis and project management training company. Their clients receive skill development that enables both organizations and individuals define, analyze, and deliver products and services that solve business problems. Watermark's learning philosophy is that training should be relevant, immediately applicable, and fun, which aligns with Concordia's practitioner-focused degree programs.

Business Analysis
Business analysis training and skill development services help students structure, simplify, and succeed with requirements and solve business problems by combining industry best practices, a proven, practical approach, and an engaging in-class or virtual delivery.
Students learn:
What are the fundamental skills business analysts and project managers need to be effective - and how to develop them!
Why a process for analyzing and managing business requirements is essential for developing quality products -and how to get it!
How to gather complete business requirements quickly and thoroughly - without burdening your stakeholders!
Translate business requirements into industry-standard document
s - and readily usable by designers and developers!
How to document and analyze business processes - and improve and reengineer them!

Courses for the Business Analysis Masters Certification Program
Required courses:
BAC200 Business Analysis Fundamentals
BPM101 Business Process Modeling
BAC208 Planning and Managing Requirements
BAC202 Eliciting Business Requirements
BAC201 Requirements Modeling Essentials
Elective courses choose one:
Influencing Without Authority
Business Intelligence Requirements Analysis
Facilitation Skills
Use Case Modeling
Agile Fundamentals

To see the class schedule, click on the Search for Classes link and choose
Business Analysis from the Category drop down button and search.
Then use this link to Register online

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Project Management
Project management training will help ensure the execution an organization's projects effectively, manage scope and risks, and delight stakeholders with the product produced.
Students Learn:
The fundamental skills project managers need to be effective -and how to develop them!
Why business and project alignment is essential for project management success - and how to get it!
How to create project plans that leverage the input, understanding, and support of your stakeholders!
Why getting the most from your project team means getting the right players as well as developing them - and how to do it!
How controlling change, not resisting it, will ensure that changes are beneficial - and how to manage it!

Courses for the Project Management Masters Certification Program
Required courses:
BAC205 Influencing without Authority
PMP400 PMP Bootcamp covering the following subjects:
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Risk Management
Project Estimating, Planning and Control
Project Quality Management
Elective courses choose one:
PMP Certification Prep
Eliciting Business Requirements
Facilitation Skills
Agile Fundamentals

To see the class schedule, click on the Search for classes link and choose
Project Management from the Category drop down button and search.
Then use this link to Register online

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Business Process Management
This certificate program provides both comprehensive and focused training for Process Analysts, Process Owners, BPM Program Managers, Business Analysts, and others. It is aligned with the industry best practices adopted from Lean, Six Sigma, and the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK) as developed by the ABPMP (Association of BPM Professionals).

Through this program, students will:
Learn the industry standard framework for managing and improving business processes.
Develop skills such as process analysis and process improvement.
Learn how to apply basic facilitation and change management skills to assist the adoption of new and improved processes.

The Business Process Management Certificate Program complements the Project Management and Business Analysis Certificate programs. These programs are methodology-neutral, affording students the opportunity to apply their skill sets across a variety of organizations.

Business Process Management Courses:
BPM100 Getting Started in Business Process Management
BPM101 Business Process Modeling
BPM103 Business Process Improvement

To see the class schedule, click on the Search for Classes link and choose
Business Process Management from the Category drop down button and search.
Then use this link to Register online.

Class Registration:
Classes are held at Watermark Learning facilities but students seeking credit must register for these courses through Concordia's School of Continuing Studies.
1) Find the course: through the Search for Classes link on the SCS home page.
2) Complete and submit the online reistration form. Register online.
3) Students not using financial aid can make an online tuition payment.
If you are not enrolling in the training for credit you may go directly through Watermark registration process on that website. 
For more information contact 651-603-6268.
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