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  • General Education Courses

    General Education coursework refers to classes from various academic disciples, providing students with a foundation for critically examining the world from unique perspectives.  General education classes prepare students with the foundational courses to pursue their Bachelor of Arts degree program. 

    General Education Requirements for Accelerated Degree Students

    COMMUNICATION - 4 credits required

    LITERATURE - 4 credits required

    WRITING - 4 credits required

    HISTORY/POLITICAL SCIENCE - 4 credits required

    GLOBAL STUDIES - 4 credits required
    Macro- or Microeconomics Required for majors in: OMC, MKM, ITM, HRM

    SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE - 4 credits required 
         Psy 101 Introduction to Psychology -required for CHD
        Soc 101 Introduction to Sociology 

    FINE ARTS - 4 credits required (choose at least 2 categories)


     THEOLOGY -4 credits required
         RLG415 Biblical Christianity for Thoughtful People

     HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 3 credits required

     MATHEMATICS - 3 credits required

     SCIENCE - 5 credits required