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Application Process

Individuals interested in the Southeast Asian Teacher Licensure Program must be admitted as a student at Concordia University.  Class rank, ACT scores and Grade Point Average (GPA) will be reviewed according to University procedure.

To be considered for SEAT, the applicant must:

  • be employed full-time as a Paraprofessional,  Educational Assistant or Teaching Assistant in a Minnesota School District
  • be willing to enroll full-time as a student at Concordia University
  • submit two letters of recommendation: one from the principal in the school where currently employed; and one from the teacher/mentor with whom they work
  • provide transcripts of college courses previously taken (individuals with a significant number of previous college credits will be given priority consideration.)

    Review of other applicants will be made for possible admittance.

    Once admitted to SEAT, the cohort participant will:
  • meet with an interview team to determine if further assessment is needed in oral or written communication skills
  • meet with the program coordinator or designee to establish an Academic Plan.

    The plan will include an individualized course of study for the participant.  General education courses, professional education classes, field experiences, program seminars and intensive instruction in oral and written communication skills as well as support service for making progress toward meeting licensure requirements will be discussed.  Training on a laptop computer will be designed to facilitate electronic journaling, e-mail and related technical skills.

The mentor teacher/supervisor and principal at the school where the student is employed as an educational assistant or teaching assistant will be involved in the assessment of academic, professional and personal skills.

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