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We all smile in the same language, no matter which of many countries we originally called home.  The Southeast Asian Teacher Program and I want to welcome you to Concordia, a friendly environment - focused on creating a community of peace.  Concordia University students, staff and faculty look forward to opportunities to hear your story and to assist you on your journey to a successful career focused on thoughtful and informed living, for dedicated service to God and humanity, for enlightened care of God's creation, all within the context of the Christian Gospel. --SEAT Director Sally Baas

What is SEAT?

The Southeast Asian Teacher licensure Program at Concordia University, St. Paul, is a bachelor's accelerated degree program.   Students with a bachelor's degree will complete a post-baccalaureate program leading to teacher licensure.

This program is for individuals currently employed in Minnesota school districts as paraprofessionals, educational assistants and teaching assistants who are seeking a teacher license. 

The program began in 1998 when the Minnesota State Legislature appropriated funds to assist in the training of under-represented populations, with a focus on Southeast Asians.  The initiative was prompted by the scarcity of fully-licensed Southeast Asian educators in Minnesota schools and the program has grown to train teachers to work in urban and urban-like settings.  

The Southeast Asian Teacher Licensure Program (SEAT) provides individuals with partial tuition funding, course books and use of a laptop while enrolled in coursework.  SEAT is designed as a modified cohort model, where students remain employed full-time as paraprofessionals, educational or teaching assistants in a school district and are enrolled in late afternoon and evening courses. 

2006-2007 Goals of the Program :

-   Provide a culturally responsive education for the SEAT students training to become classroom teachers. (Concordia University faculty will use curricular and delivery options that meet the needs of minority students, particularly those of Southeast Asian background.)

-   Provide half of student?s tuition, a voucher to purchase textbooks from the Concordia University, St. Paul Bookstore, and the use of a laptop.

-   Provide the academic and ?academic cultural? support for students to be successful in the program.

-   Assist the students in preparing to pass the Pre-Professional Skills Test.

-   Provide training, mentoring and support for the students in making the shift from paraprofessional or unlicensed teacher to teacher.

-   Provide mentoring for SEAT graduates who are first year teachers through the Circle of Support Program Mentoring Program.

 -  Work with the school districts to recruit students, and to assist in hiring and placement of SEAT graduates as classroom teachers.

 -  Provide opportunities for the University community to improve the multicultural environment and teaching through events focused at cross-cultural communication.

-   Enable students to be involved in service learning and leadership roles in the  Concordia University, St. Paul community