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Political Science

Political Science coursework takes students beyond memorization of facts and teaches them to think critically, practice written and oral argument and understand differing interpretations and viewpoints. Students also learn to do independent research, understand their world and community and therefore, become better citizens. The coursework emphasizes the global and community knowledge students need to compete in the 21st century. One-on-one relationships with faculty ensure students obtain the necessary skills for maximum employability.

A variety of classroom, research, independent and mentored study, travel, service-learning and internship experiences are available. Concordia's location in Minnesota's capital city provides opportunities for students to experience and witness local politics first-hand through many educational activities including trips to and internships at the State Capitol.

Students who typically find fulfillment in this course of study are inquisitive, independent thinkers who have a desire to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the political systems in the community, country and world. They are typically engaged in politics and feel compelled to take civic action as a way to give back to their community and world.