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Students studying Spanish at Concordia can expect to graduate with valuable communication, language and leadership skills, as well as contacts in and around the community. They are challenged to communicate clearly, sharpen life skills, improve employment potential, be global citizens and make life-long friends. Small class sizes allow students to participate fully and receive the individualized attention that ensures skill acquisition.

Students have numerous opportunities to utilize and develop their language skills. Concordia's location in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation allows many opportunities to be immersed in the Spanish language. Students are encouraged to work as counselors at Concordia Language Villages El Lago del Bosque Spanish immersion camp in Northern Minnesota where they can teach Spanish to 10-18 year olds through games, sports, crafts, music and outdoor activities. Concordia can also help facilitate study abroad opportunities for those interested in a full cultural immersion.

Students who desire to go beyond the traditional classroom walls and engage in the community and world, and who have an open mind and interest in cultures and languages will find the Spanish program at Concordia an excellent complement to any career path. Students will emerge from their Spanish studies as global citizens, with enhanced employability, and a personal sense of direction based on hands-on experiences.