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Education - Classroom Instruction Emphasis

ED502 Educational Issues (3 credits)
A study of historical and contemporary issues in education.

ED507 Diversity in Education (3 credits)
A study of the issues and approaches to educating a culturally and linguistically diverse population and those with learning difficulties.

ED508 Legal and Ethical Issues in Education (3 credits)
A study of legal issues, ethics, and moral philosophy with applications to the field of education.

ED521 Educational Research and Applications (3 credits)
A survey of qualitative and quantitative research methods and their applications to educational research.

CI550 History of Ideas in Education (3 credits)
A review of the ideas and philosophies, past and present, which influence educational practice.

CI551 Psychology of Learning and Teaching (3 credits)
An advanced overview of the application of psychological principles, theories, and methodologies to issues of learning and teaching.

CI552 Curriculum Theory (3 credits)
An examination of the history of the school curriculum, the fundamentals of curriculum design, and methods of implementation.

CI553 Instructional Strategies (3 credits)
An integration of the theory and practice of the developmentally effective classroom.

CI555 Instructional Technology (3 credits)
Theory and strategies for designing technology-rich environments to support active learning schools.

ED590 Conducting Research and Completing the Capstone (3 credits)
A review and critical analysis of current educational research focused on a specific question. Students complete the capstone project.