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M.A. in Education - Early Childhood Emphasis

ECE520 Effective Research Writing (3 credits)
This course will emphasize the difference between academic writing for a master's program and writing for personal use. APA Formatting will be emphasized, strategies for developing a literature review, and writing for academic use will be included.

ECE521 Topics and Research in Early Education (3 credits)
This course will explore the current research in early education focusing on the theme of evidence based practices by integrating theory with the activities of teacher researchers. Current empirical studies will be used to apply and understand research methods.

ECE526 Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
Along with the presentation of curriculum and instruction theory, this course will explore the development and implementation of early childhood curriculum and instruction. The link between assessment and program evaluation will be made.

ECE527 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
The various methods of child study and observation strategies are studied as a way to assess children's growth and development of knowledge and skills. In addition, the physical environment can be observed in an effort to identify any potential changes that could benefit children.

ECE522 Play: Theoretical Foundations and Applications (3 credits)
This course is a study of the various theoretical foundations of play and their application to young children's development and learning. Students examine the role of the teacher in children's play, analyze play environments, and review the issues and research affecting children and curricula.

ECE544 Language Development and Emergent Literacy (3 credits)
Current research is studied in regard to emergent literacy and language development in children with implications for the classroom teacher. Whole language strategies are explored for children from birth to age 7.

ECE541 The Diverse Classroom (3 credits)
This course presents studies of education in multicultural settings. Students explore the values, beliefs, customs and perceptions of racial and ethnic groups which affect social life and the education of children. Concepts of culture, social class and power are developed.

ECE582 Ethics in Early Childhood (3 credits)
This course is a study of ethics and moral philosophy with applications to making decisions regarding current social and personal problems.

ECE576 Methods in Early Childhood Programming (3 credits)
This course provides a leadership framework for planning, implementation and evaluation of programming in early childhood education.

ECE539 Legal and Legislative Issues (3 credits)
This course will deal with law and legislation that affects early childhood education. Children and childcare are presented as issues of public policy. The skills and strategies of child advocacy are discussed and students are challenged to become active in public advocacy for children.

ECE577 E-folio & Completion (3 credits)
The final work in this program involves completion of a selected project and final preparation and review of the masters e-folio. Students work with a major advisor in designing the project.