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Sport Management Course Descriptions

KHS 500 Foundations of Sport Management (3 credits)
Today the need for sport management professionals is increasing in areas of business, marketing, sales and managing. This course will examine the expanding field of sport management. Areas of emphasis include: exploring job specific skills pertaining to sport marketing and sales, facility management, event planning, sports agents and recruiting services, high school athletics, intercollegiate athletics, professionals sports and public relations.

KHS 505 Organizational Leadership and Development (3 credits)
This course is a scholarly consideration of the concepts, principles and analytical tools for effective administration in sport management. Students will examine how leaders develop themselves and others in a dynamic, changing environment. The course will also examine the topics of communication and conflict management as they relate to successful organizational outcomes.

KHS 510 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
Discusses critical aspects of human resource management as it relates to sport organizations. An overview is given of major functions and concepts regarding the management and administration of human resources in the organization including: recruitment, development, motivation, compensation, benefits administration, employee relations and human resource information systems.

KHS 545 Ethics and Policy in Sport Management (3 credits)
This course explores the topics of ethics and policy for administrators in a sport management setting. Students will critically analyze ethical concepts which influence the development of sport policies. The course will further examine the relevance of ethical considerations in policy development and compliance. Students will use contemporary case studies to examine ethical dilemmas relating to policy enforcement.

KHS 530 Research Design Methods (3 credits)
This course examines the various research methodologies used in organizational settings. It provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies including research design, data collection and analysis, interviewing, case studies and action science. The philosophy, ethics and politics of management research are introduced.

KHS 535 Sport Marketing (3 credits)
This course will examine the application of marketing principles in the sport industry. Elements of corporate partnerships related to sport marketing will also be explored along with business strategies of sponsorships, branding, promotions and event marketing.

KHS 520 Managerial Finance (3 credits)
The practical aspects of the strategic and operational roles of accounting and finance are explored, including applications of strategic planning, budgeting, financial performance and fiscal and ethical responsibility in a sport management setting.

KHS 525 Managing and Planning Sport Facilities (3 credits)
This course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the theories and practices of facility design, construction and operations. The course will examine a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor sport facilities including stadiums, gymnasiums, golf courses, fitness centers and athletic fields. Students will also examine event management and programming within the context of stadium and arena management.

KHS 540 Legal Aspects of Sports (3 credits)
This course is an overview of legal aspects that will be relevant to sport managers in areas of recreation, athletics, facilities and business. Students will examine risk management strategies along with law related to operation and administration of sport-related programs. Students will explore case studies relating to the legal aspects of sports.

KHS 515 Management and Leadership (2 credits)
Different theories of leadership and management styles are introduced and what their impact is on organizational structure, productivity and decision making. Students will examine their individual management and leadership styles as they relate to sport management administration. This course will analyze how leadership is not only different from management but also more effective in today?s workplace.

KHS 555 Capstone Seminar (1 credit)
Provides students with an opportunity to synthesize and demonstrate mastery of the key elements introduced during the Master of Arts in Sport Management program. Students will further discuss plans to complete either an internship or capstone project to complete requirements of the program.

KHS 560 Internship or KHS 565 Capstone (6 credits)
Students will complete an internship or a capstone project to complete the requirements for the Master of Arts in Sport Management. The student will choose which program to complete depending on their interest. They will work with the university to complete course requirements