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PSEO At Concordia University

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program at Concordia University provides Minnesota juniors and seniors an opportunity to enroll in college courses without being charged for tuition or books.

    Quick Facts About The Program:
  • Students have the opportunity to take 100-200 level courses (note: upper-level courses are available with permission of the instructor)
  • Religion courses, private music lessons, independent studies, and summer courses are excluded
  • Students with a 3.25 unweighted GPA or higher are encouraged to apply
  • Additional fees may not be covered by the PSEO program (i.e. technology fees, etc.)
  • Admission Deadline (for Fall semester): May 1st
    Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How many credits may a PSEO student take?
    Credit load can vary from 4-16 credits per semester.  Typically, Juniors may take up to 12 credits per semester and Seniors may take up to 16 credits.
  • Why is the admission decision made after May 1st?
    May 1st is the application deadline for traditional undergraduate students; Concordia is then able to determine how much space is available for PSEO students.
  • Can students apply for spring semester admission to the PSEO program?
    No. PSEO students accepted into the program will always begin in the fall semester.
  • When are PSEO students notified of admission acceptance?
    Admission acceptance letters will be mailed by May 30th.
  • When do PSEO students register for classes?
    Students accepted into the program will register for classes in mid-June.
  • How do you know what college classes a PSEO student is academically prepared to handle?
    A PSEO advisor walks each PSEO student through the registration process. Students will be encouraged to take classes based on previous academic experience.
  • Is on-campus housing available?
    Campus housing may be available to PSEO students depending on availability.  For more information, contact the Office of Admission at 651-641-8230.
    If you have additional questions, the Office of Admission would be happy to help!