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  • Leadership Certificate

    Online Delivery

    No matter the size of the organization, the importance of strong leadership is recognized as the key to success.  Learn the skills and strategies necessary to be an effective leader in your organization.  

    Participants may take one class, to explore a topic, or all the courses in the series to complete a certificate. There are no prerequisites to register for these classes.

    Classes are offered online.

    To earn the Leadership Certificate,
    students must successfully complete a total of 11 credits

    All students are required to take LDR312, but can complete the certificate by choosing at least 8 credits from the following list of courses;

    First class (Required): LDR312 Topics in Leadership Theory & Practice (3 credits) 

    Then choose from:  

    LDR220 The Leadership Process (3 credits) Online without chat
    Leadership is often incorrectly interpreted as a position within an organization. This course provides a tremendous source of theory and applied practice on leadership. Using the concepts and examples discussed in the course, students develop a plan to improve their leadership behaviors.


    LDR230 Synergistic Leadership: Understanding Human Behavior (2 credits) Online without chat
    Leadership begins with understanding the behavior and motivations of others. Based upon this understanding, leaders can create an enlightened and creative workplace that research has shown delivers superior results. To do so, one must go beyond the surface advice of popular business books and review the psychology of individual behavior. In this course, we will examine the writings of Abraham Maslow and the way in which successful leaders have utilized his concepts to create a workplace where the individual and the organization can strive for their best performance.  Learners will relate the application of these concepts to their personal situations.


    LDR240 Building Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (2 credits) Online 
    Why are those with the highest IQs not necessarily the most successful in their personal and business lives?   The latest research into the factors that distinguish successful individuals tends to show that "EQ" or Emotional Intelligence is the more significant factor. This applies both to personal success and to bottom-line company performance of companies whose leaders have high "EQ."  This is something we recognize intuitively - the people we like to work with are those who both understand and effectively manage their emotions and are able to discern the emotions of others in order to develop the most rewarding relationships.


    LDR260 Introduction to Personal Coaching (3 credits) Online without chat
    This course will explore personal life coaching while discussing the distinctions between Coaching, Mentoring, and Counseling. An introduction to coaching concepts and skills will be discussed as well as exploring the many coaching niches. Students will apply coaching concepts to personal and organizational situations.


    LDR307 Leadership Ethics (3 credits)Online without chat
    Concordia University recognizes the need for ethical leaders in business. Is it possible to lead without ethics?  Is there a lesson to be learned from the Enrons and World Coms we have heard so much about?  This courses focuses on the what, how, and why of leadership ethics. Learn about and test your own ethical values - apply your ethics to current cases from the business world.  Learn the impact of ethical leaderships on others, and the cost of unethical leadership. Learn to let your ethics be your rudder in life.


    LDR312 Topics in Leadership Theory & Practice (3 credits) Online without chat
    To achieve a true understanding of leadership, it is necessary to look back at how the various theories of leadership and management have developed, changed, and how they have coincided with the needs of the workplace at the time they were popular.  This course will explore the development of leadership theory as a means of understanding the current concepts. Application of various theories will also be examined.


    LDR313 Supervisory Leadership Tools (3 credits) Online without chat
    Every leader can benefit from improved supervisory skills.  This course focuses on some of the basic skills necessary to be an effective leader.  Effective communication will be applied to the topics of conflict resolution, teambuilding skills, and models of coaching and assessments.  Students will apply these concepts to personal and organizational situations.

    To find dates and descriptions and schedule for the above classes, click on the Search for Classes link and choose Leadership Certificate from the Category drop down box.

    Visiting Students please note: If you seek to be admitted as a visiting student please contact Gretchen Walther,
    Visiting students will be provided a network ID and password to register for classes. Students are also required to make an online
    tuition payment.