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Parent Coaching Certificate Online

What is Parent Coaching? 

Parent Coaching is helping someone become clear on their own parenting goals through listening, asking powerful questions, teaching skills and providing support to bring about change. This certificate teaches coaching skills to apply with parents and families. It provides a framework for parent coaching, its theories and its applications: with an emphasis on the benefits of Parent Coaching as a separate field.

Research on the Parent Coaching Institute's coaching model shows that parent coaching reduces parental stress, gives important resources, and helps parents learn and use their strengths and come to appreciate themselves and their children.

Coaching model and approach is an added tool to parent educational techniques. This certificate is delivered online through Blackboard and may be earned by taking the following classes in this order:

FAS480/680 Parent Coaching 1: From Theory to Practice 3 credits
Students will study a variety of techniques that are unique in coaching parents. Attention will be directed at developing the student's ability to evaluate and implement family life education knowledge while understanding the uniqueness of each individual family. It is bringing the student from theory to creating a solid and professional foundation for Parent Coaching.

FAS481/681 Parent Coaching 2: Skills, Attitudes, & Competency 3 credits
Students will broaden their knowledge of the field of parent coaching and sharpen their mindful parenting skills. It includes skills for coaching a variety of parenting challenges, behaviors, problems, concerns, issues, and special needs. Also included is a focus on couple relationships and recognizing spiritual needs.

FAS482/682 Parent Coaching 3: Professional Applications 3 credits
Students will apply the techniques and skills that they have learned with actual clients. The professors and students will offer ideas and support to better their coaching sessions. The class contains details for your Parenting Consultant Business as well as gaining Parent Coaching skills. As a result of this class, you will feel like a confident Parent Coach.

FAS483/683 Parent Coaching 4: Supervised Field Parent Coaching 3 credits
There is a required Fourth Class which offers supervision from a certified parent coach. This includes new tools, support, new perspectives, problem solving while being sensitive to the new coach's learning and coaching style. It opens up a new area of confidence for the coach. This class will be available when the student begins their coaching.

Candidates need a background in Family Life Education (FLE), parent education, social work, education, psychology and related field. Open to FLE students.

The Instructors:
Professor Carole Gesme and Professor Beth Gausman both CFLEs, adjunct professors at Concordia University's Department of Child and Family Education, and Certified Parent Coaches have a combined 60+ years of work as Family and Parent Educators.
For more information about the instructors and Parent Coaching see the Parent Coaching website .

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