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  • Textbook Ordering Information

    Textbook Ordering Information

    Students may order directly from the CSP Bookstore website by using the instructions below.  Keep in mind, however, that you are responsible for getting the correct book or books (check the ISBN) in time for the class. We advise students to order their books two weeks prior to class start date. Please note: Continuing Studies books are listed in the Bookstore web page as "CE"  not SCS

    To see the book list and/or order from the CSP Bookstore:

           Go to

    1. Click on 'Textbooks' on the left hand side of the page under the Merchandise title
    2. Click 'Click Here to Find Your Course Textbooks'
    3. Step 1: Select the month in which your course begins
    4. Step 2: Select the department from the listing (ex: PSY = Psychology the first 3 letters of the course code)  
    5. Step 3: Select the course number from the listed numbers [three numbers on course code] (ex: 101)
    6. Step 4: Select the section that is the start date (the class start date is in your class confirmation) 
    7. The books that are required for the course will appear and you will have the option of selecting a used book if it is available.
    8. Add the books to your cart and continue shopping for another textbook or you can checkout and pay for your order

    If you prefer not to order online and would like to call the CSP Bookstore directly to order, the phone number is (800) 333-4705 (extension 6264) or direct line: Phone: 651-603-6310,  Fax: 651-659-0207