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Online Learning Tips

After registering for a class and receiving your log-in username, password and email confirmation be sure to do the following:  
1)     Order your text book

2)     Log into Blackboard through the Blackboard icon on CSP connect or go directly to and find the class

3)     View the syllabus ? prepare any pre-assignments

4)     Post a greeting to other students as prompted by instructor

5)     Go into the chat rooms to insure your access

6)     If you have any technology problems contact or 651-641-8866


Class due dates, rules and formats will differ with each instructor, but here are some basic best student practices for online classes with chats:

  1)     Log in on time

2)     Chat conversations are not, Tweeting or like Facebook post. It is the equivalent to a classroom discussion experience and students should conduct themselves as they would in a classroom, using appropriate language and respectful comments and conversing in full thought out sentences.

     3) If you are late for chat do not announce your arrival, just watch the chat and join in discussion.


Discussion Boards 

1)     If threaded discussions are part of the weekly requirements students should follow the due dates for posts in the syllabus and if the post dates are not specified then post no later than three (3) days prior to the chat date, this gives all students time to post and respond to each other.      

2)     The purpose of the discussion board is to provide a place for students to synthesize the course material and process information by exchanging ideas with other students, therefore it is expected that students? posts will be well thought out and written in complete sentences.  

3)     When students are responding to each other it is to enrich the discussion and share and expand on ideas. ?Good idea?, ?nice work?, or ?I agree?, are not appropriate responses. Thoughtful complete posts are the expected by the instructor.

4)     Unless directed by the instructor, do not compose messages but do respond to others by clicking the ?reply? button and posting.


Assignment page

1)     Write assignments in Microsoft Word 97-2003 so that it can be opened by the instructor. If it cannot be opened you will be asked to convert the paper to Word 97-03 document before it can be graded.

2)     Assignments are posted on the assignment page under the title of the assignment you are submitting.

3)     Click the ?upload your file? and then the "submit assignment" button.

4)     Assignments are released by dates that are set up by the instructor; the availability dates will be posted.


Successful learning practices for all online classes:  

  • Read the syllabus- follow the syllabus
  • Note assignment due dates
  • Submit assignments online on time to the class assignment page
  • Contact the instructor with questions regarding course content
  • Contact the School of Continuing Studies with any questions regarding policies 641-603-6268 or